4 Reasons to join one of the major online poker tournament of the summer at PokerKing, Americas Cardroom or BlackChipPoker

5 Reasons to Play The Venom Tournament at PokerKing

The Venom tournament has started and available now at PokerKing Americas Cardroom and BlackChipPoker poker sites. The tournament begins in two days’ time tournament begins, and here reasons why you should partake in it.

What is the Venom tournament?

The Venom is the flagship of the WPN poker network tournament that will take place at PokerKing Americas Cardroom and BlackChipPoker rooms. This tournament was announced in the Guinness Book of Records in July 2019 for the largest prize money paid – in bitcoins – to the winner of its online tournament. The tournament guarantee was $ 5,000,000, and the prize for the first place was $ 1,050,560. At the end of 2019, another Venom tournament was held successfully with $1,000,000 more as guarantee. One year after the launch of the first event, the tournament guarantee is now $ 7,000,000.

Vital reasons why you shouldn’t miss the Venom tournament

The Venom tournament started on PokerKing and managed to pass the middle of the first starting days. Two flights behind, two more ahead. We are going to share the reasons why it is worth playing this tournament.

Reason #1: Smooth structure

The Venom tournament could easily be mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records as the online poker tournament with the smoothest structure. Just check up how the blinds go up.

Venom blinds structure

The starting stack is 187.5 bb. The blinds are doubled only once you reach the 7th level; then at 15th, and finally at 25th. The structure allows you to play the tournament as safely as possible. Therefore, if in some spot you come across an ambiguous decision, the “Fold” button will not be an error.

Late registration lasts for 18 levels (6 hours), and on the first day, you will have to play 10 hours. Therefore, tune in for a full-time working day: prepare sandwiches (and wrap them in a plastic bag so as not to wind up), prepare tea or coffee (several thermoses), or calculate the time of the food delivery.

There is, of course, another option – to enter the game in the last level of late registration with a stack of 33.3 big blinds. But this is also a game stack. Therefore, there will be not possible to leave fast – you will have to play the game for 4 hours.

The next flights will take place on July 31 and August 2. Start at 7 pm time. Late registrations close at 01:30.

Reason #2: Huge guarantee

The tournament guarantee is about $7,000,000 with $2500 + $ 150 buy-in. The first place has a guaranteed price of 1,172,500. 2800 inputs must be collected to cover the warranty. And one could count on an overlay, but the tournament is going very well.

Day 1A had 587 entries, and on the second day, 95 players entered.
Day 1B had 956 entries and 164 players entered the second day.
During the first two starting days, 1543 registrations were collected – that’s more than a half. If the tournament proceeds in the same rhythm, then the overlay will not have to wait. But it is difficult to find similar chances to win over $ 1,000,000 in other rooms (mostly tournaments with a buy-in of about $ 2,500 are designed for a field of up to 500 players).

Reason #3: Satellites with the ability to save and sell a ticket

It is possible to qualify for The Venom from a freeroll, Cyclones tournaments (with buy-in from 11 cents), and The Venom Fever satellites (the most profitable satellite will be held on July 28 with $ 109, 5 buy-in tickets guaranteed for $ 2650).

In addition to the unusual satellite formats, The Venom has one more feature: tickets won can be used in future The Venom tournaments. And if you manage to win more than one ticket, you can sell subsequent ones to any player.

Reason #4 – Amateur Players from the USA

In search of a weak field, any player sooner or later comes to WPN network skins such as PokerKing. This is because Americans are playing here, stumbled in the understanding of the poker game at the 2011 level. An enticing prize of $1,000,000 to the top-1 forces players to press the “Register” button over and over again (an unlimited re-entry is available for this tournament).

But let’s be honest: it’s not just the amateurs who full the tournament. Thanks to the parallel streams in other rooms, MTT grinders are also participating in The Venom, for whom this summer is particularly hot. In general, the field at The Venom is better than in tournaments with a similar buy-in in other rooms (weaker players, not just regulars).

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