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· Published 06.11.2020 · last updated 06.11.2020

WSOP Bracelet winners 2020

Do you know you can drop your day-to-day job and make a living by playing online poker? You only need to sharpen your gameplay to make money easily from this beautiful game.

I know many of you reading this article have always wanted to be an online poker pro and winning tables at different tournaments. I have – and on more than one occasion. Without much ado, here are five vital tips on how to become a WSOP star.

  • Familiarize yourself with the game

Online poker has its own set of rules, so as other games out there. You need to know every aspect of the game: the players, positions, tables, and how they link to each other. Ensure you understand the websites that offer the best poker games. Interact with professional poker players; you can do this through social media platforms or one-on-one to learn a thing or two. Poker may seem easy, but you need to know how it’s played. Choose to play with average players first and avoid being manipulated by your opponents.

  • Invest quality time in playing the game

Investing lots of time in online poker will improve the way you play at the tables. By doing this, you will eventually become a champion, and as well, you will have experience due to repeated practice. Change the type of opponents you compete with and the tables so that you can understand the rudiments of the game. Don’t be overwhelmed if you continuously lose at the beginning. With time, you will get more experience, and you will become a better player and win more tables than you can imagine, depending on the time you have invested playing.

  • Be cautious when choosing hands

Let the cards favor you by choosing the right cards. Watch your opponent’s move very closely and study them. Also, predict their moves to be ahead of them. Spot how your opponents put their money because it will help you monitor their stack size.

  • Be consistent in wining to become a champion

Many players win games from time-to-time, but winning consistently has become a big problem. Ensure you set your records straight by being a champion and proving to be a winner steadily to maintain your profits. It is essential to know that failure to win games consistently will make you lose your position.

  • Act professionally

Most professional players often cite the freedom that playing online poker gives them, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have a professional attitude towards it.

Some of the best players in the world are professional and disciplined in their approach each day.

I’m sure you won’t just be at work and put your legs on the desk, or lie on the sofa with your laptop on your legs. So how do you become a poker star? Act like a professional.

Online poker is a profession just like any other out there. Because playing online poker will be a full-time job for you, you need to give it the seriousness and attention it needs. Just as you are serious about your job and expect a salary monthly, online poker pays, but discipline is the most important. Play the game with so much seriousness and tenacity. Even if it involves playing from 9-5 like a previous job, then go for it.

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