Once again, there is plenty of tournament poker action happening at 888poker this month. The company has decided to kick off the year 2022 by returning to their famous online Winter XL Series. Even though this series will have a smaller guaranteed prize pool ($1,500,000) when compared to the Autumn XL Series ($2,000,000), it will still improve on several aspects. For example, the Winter XL Series will run from January 16th to January 31st and will feature 44 events in total. On top of that, it will also include the Main Event with a $500,000 guaranteed prize pool. The buy-ins will range from $16,50 to $320, giving players with varying budgets to participate in the festival. Moreover, there will be plenty of opportunities to qualify for these events for cheap or even completely for free. Read on for more details and the full 888poker XL Winter Series schedule. 

400$ Bonus/VIP System + Freerolls

The Return of the XL Winter Series

Like we mentioned previously, the new and improved online poker festival will run from January 16th to January 31st and will feature $1,500,000 in guaranteed prize pools. It will also include 44 events in total and a $500,000 guaranteed Main Event. Thanks to a variety of buy-ins (ranging from $16,50 to $320), players with different budgets will be able to get involved in the tournament series. There are also many opportunities to get into several events for free via freerolls and satellites. 

The last XL Winter Series Main Event was won by the Russian poker player “Kazi070486”. They took home the top prize of $60,862 for that victory. One big difference was the fact that the last XL Winter Series Main Event was held in the progressive knockout format, while this year’s tournament will run as a standard No-Limit Hold’em. However, half of all events will be held in a PKO format. 

The Main Event will feature a $250 buy-in and will be the definite highlight of the series. It will kick off on January 30th at 18:00 GMT. All players will receive a starting stack of 300BB with blind levels at 12 minutes. The late registration period will last for 230 minutes and will allow 3 re-entries. However, there will be several other events worth your attention at the XL Winter Series. For example, the Opening Event will feature a $100,000 GTD with a $55 buy-in. This event will kick the tournament off on January 16th. There will also be a $15,000 GTD Mini DeepStack tournament held on January 21st and January 28th with a buy-in as low as $16.50. Besides the Main Event, there will be a $50,000 GTD Mini Main Event on January 30th for $33. 

XL Winter Series Live Streams and Giveaways

Poker fans and players all around the world will be able to follow XL Winter Series action on the 888poker twitch channel. On top of that, 888poker will also be giving away XL Series tickets and other prizes during their live streams. You will be able to enjoy the action with some guests such as David Tuchman and Nick Wealthall. Here is the schedule of the 888poker XL Winter Series live streams:

DateTime (GMT)Live Stream Event
Mon, January 1719:35XL Winter #1 – $100,000 Opening Event
Fri, January 2119:35XL Winter #13 – $40,000 PKO 8-Max
Mon, January 2419:35XL Winter #22 – $200,000 Tune Up
Wed, January 2619:35XL Winter #28 – $50,000 PKO
Mon, January 3119:35XL Winter #43 – $500,000 Main Event

How to Qualify for Free

Those that don’t want to spend a bunch of money on the XL Winter Series buy-ins, will have a chance to get involved in the festival for cheap or even completely free. Players will be able to secure their XL Winter Series seats in multiple ways. First, you can qualify via XL Winter Series Freerolls (25 tickets GTD per day. You can also try your luck through daily satellites which start from only $0.01. Moreover, you can also win free XL Winter Series tickets through social media and 888pokerTV competitions on their twitch channel. 

888poker XL Winter Series Full Schedule

DateTime (GMT)EventBuy-inGuarantee
Sun, January 166 p.m.XL Winter #1 – $100,000 Opening Event$55$100,000
Sun, January 167 p.m.XL Winter #2 – $20,000 Mini Opening$16.50$20,000
Sun, January 168 p.m.XL Winter #3 – $15,000 Late Opening$33$15,000
Mon, January 176 p.m.XL Winter #4 – $30,000 PKO 6-Max$88$30,000
Mon, January 177 p.m.XL Winter #5 – $20,000 Mini PKO 6-Max$44$20,000
Mon, January 178 p.m.XL Winter #6 – $10,000 Late PKO 6-Max$22$10,000
Tue, January 186 p.m.XL Winter #7 – $30,000 Freezeout$215$30,000
Tue, January 187 p.m.XL Winter #8 – $15,000 Mini Freezeout$55$15,000
Tue, January 188 p.m.XL Winter #9 – $10,000 Late Freezeout$109$10,000
Wed, January 196 p.m.XL Winter #10 – $30,000 PKO$109$30,000
Wed, January 197 p.m.XL Winter #11 – $15,000 Mini PKO$16.50$15,000
Wed, January 198 p.m.XL Winter #12 – $10,000 Late PKO$33$10,000
Thu, January 206 p.m.XL Winter #13 – $40,000 PKO 8-Max$160$40,000
Thu, January 207 p.m.XL Winter #14 – $20,000 Mini PKO 8-Max$55$20,000
Thu, January 208 p.m.XL Winter #15 – $10,000 Late PKO 8-Max$22$10,000
Fri, January 216 p.m.XL Winter #16 – $30,000 DeepStack$55$30,000
Fri, January 217 p.m.XL Winter #17 – $15,000 Mini DeepStack$16.50$15,000
Fri, January 218 p.m.XL Winter #18 – $10,000 Late DeepStack$33$10,000
Sat, January 226 p.m.XL Winter #19 – $30,000 6-Max$109$30,000
Sat, January 227 p.m.XL Winter #20 – $15,000 Mini 6-Max$16.50$15,000
Sat, January 228 p.m.XL Winter #21 – $15,000 Late 6-Max$55$15,000
Sun, January 236 p.m.XL Winter #22 – $200,000 Tune Up$109$200,000
Sun, January 237 p.m.XL Winter #23 – $20,000 Mini Tune Up$16.50$20,000
Sun, January 238 p.m.XL Winter #24 – $15,000 Late Tune Up$33$15,000
Mon, January 246 p.m.XL Winter #25 – $25,000 8-Max$88$25,000
Mon, January 247 p.m.XL Winter #26 – $15,000 Mini 8-Max$44$15,000
Mon, January 248 p.m.XL Winter #27 – $10,000 Late 8-Max$22$10,000
Tue, January 256 p.m.XL Winter #28 – $50,000 PKO$320$50,000
Tue, January 257 p.m.XL Winter #29 – $25,000 Mini PKO$55$25,000
Tue, January 258 p.m.XL Winter #30 – $20,000 Late PKO$109$20,000
Wed, January 266 p.m.XL Winter #31 – $30,000 PKO 8-Max$109$30,000
Wed, January 267 p.m.XL Winter #32 – $15,000 Mini PKO 8-Max$16.50$15,000
Wed, January 268 p.m.XL Winter #33 – $10,000 Late PKO 8-Max$33$10,000
Thu, January 276 p.m.XL Winter #34 – $40,000 PKO 6-Max$215$40,000
Thu, January 277 p.m.XL Winter #35 – $20,000 Mini PKO 6-Max$55$20,000
Thu, January 278 p.m.XL Winter #36 – $10,000 Late PKO 6-Max$22$10,000
Fri, January 286 p.m.XL Winter #37 – $30,000 DeepStack$55$30,000
Fri, January 287 p.m.XL Winter #38 – $15,000 Mini DeepStack$16.50$15,000
Fri, January 288 p.m.XL Winter #39 – $10,000 Late DeepStack$33$10,000
Sat, January 296 p.m.XL Winter #40 – $40,000 Knockout$109$40,000
Sat, January 297 p.m.XL Winter #41 – $15,000 Mini Knockout$16.50$15,000
Sat, January 298 p.m.XL Winter #42 – $15,000 Late Knockout$55$15,000
Sun, January 306 p.m.XL Winter #43 – $500,000 Main Event$250$500,000
Sun, January 307 p.m.XL Winter #44 – $50,000 Mini Main Event$33$50,000
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