ABC poker is – as the name suggests – a simplified approach to the game that adheres closely to certain fundamentals. This style is often recommended to new players as a relatively safe strategy that doesn’t involve over-thinking and which avoids making the decision-making process too complicated.

The ABC game-plan can be stripped down to the following key concepts:

  • Hand selection
  • Table position
  • Learning the odds
  • Value betting
  • Betting big with big hands
  • Minimising bluffing
  • Bankroll management

Does ABC Poker Work?

With consistent execution, ABC poker can lead to decent results against less experienced players, but there is a danger when facing stronger players of becoming predictable and, as a result, exploitable. Consequently, it follows that ABC poker can take a would-be serious player only so far, and as we gain in experience we should be trying to develop our game and become more flexible. That doesn’t mean abandoning ABC principles altogether, rather using them as a foundation on which to build a more complex repertoire of poker weaponry.

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