What did Jonathan Little do that caused the ban from the CEO of WPN Network?

Johnathan Little

Jonathan Little, a professional poker, was banned from AmericasCardroom and personally by the CEO of WPN Philip Nagy. Little shared this news on his Twitter account addressed to Nagy.

Who is Jonathan Little?

Jonathan “FieryJustice” Little is a professional poker player and a well-known coach in the English speaking community. He is the owner of the PokerCoaching school, as well as significant channels on Twitch and YouTube. According to Hendon mob, Little has generated over $7 million in prize money during his live poker career and won two World Poker Tour titles. He is best known for writing a dozen books on tournament poker, cash games, and game psychology. Little seriously spoiled his reputation during the days of Full Tilt when he was caught playing together on the same account with a friend. He and his friend were banned, and $250,000 was confiscated in the account. However, these facts were forgotten as more than ten years have passed.

Despite his impressive list of accomplishments, Little has always focused on educational poker content. We can safely say he is the most stable coach in the world, as he has published articles and videos every week for several years.

Below is an example of his video parsing of BBvsSB spot in deep stacks:

Little’s “honest opinion” on ACR

Little lives in the USA and he streams the internet more often. The most popular place to play in the U.S right now is the Winning Poker Network, with AmericasCardroom (ACR) as its headquarters. While broadcasting there, he spoke disparagingly about the poker room.

  • Jonathan Little supposedly jokingly believed that sponsored professionals were cheated on ACR. When a player went against one of them in the final, he often comically hinted at this.
  • The coach did not advise his wards to keep large sums of money on ACR, because in his opinion, “the room is not as reliable as the bank.
  • Jonathan’s broadcasts always featured the message: “DO NOT PLAY in illegal/unregulated/unlicensed poker rooms for money that you are afraid to lose !!!”. Considering that he spent almost all LIVE gaming sessions in 2020 at ACR, it is evident that this was a stone in WPN’s garden.

Despite such an unflattering opinion about ACR, the main activity of the poker player was concentrated on AmericasCardroom (Winning Poker Network). According to him, the main thing is that the site has a lot of tournaments and a soft field; only then will he put up with the potential risks of an unregulated site.

Philip Nagy’s response

This is not the first time the Winning Poker Network Director, Phillip Nagy, appeared as the central figure of a scandal. He is never afraid to defend his point of view to the public, even if the decision is not popular among the public, and this time was no exception.

“It’s one thing if you’re going to treat WPN like some side chick. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to give you the privilege of getting to f… me on the daily if you’re going to punch me in the head while doing it.” responded Phillip.

However, aside from the inappropriate statement, Nagy is right. Let’s break down the facts from the point of view of a business manager:

  • Little is a positive MTT ACR regular, which directly “worsens” the ecology of the room
  • Little insolently plays on ACR under the nickname “PokerCoaching-dot-com,” advertising his services
  • Little trains dozens, if not hundreds of regulars and directs them to play, including on ACR, thereby directly “worsening” the ecology of the room
  • With all this, Little has a solid audience to which he broadcasts the message that playing on ACR is dangerous. After all, he claims that the site is unregulated, and supposedly anything can happen there. His “honest opinion” can be understood, but in this situation, it is clear that he broadcasts negative on an ongoing daily basis.

It turns out that Jonathan makes a profit on the net, and also allows himself to throw mud on it. Why does a business need such a client? The poker network has the right to refuse services to any player, and the WPN CEO reminded him about this: “When someone misbehaves in a casino or a poker tournament, they can be permanently banned? Why can the Borgata casino shut down to prevent the person who filmed the video there? What’s the difference between WPN? “

Initially, Little’s account was banned, and his $19,000 bankroll was confiscated, but within 24 hours, WPN returned his money.

The poker community itself has divided into two different camps. One of them supports the policy of the AmericanCardroom CEO, and another was on the stance that the situation was like a joke and humor, that not everybody could understand. Some poker players insisted that the professional poker player didn’t break the rules of the poker room.

This is not the first time Nagi and Little crossed path

It turned out that the conflict between them has been going on for several years. Jonathan Little told the 2 + 2 forum that about two years ago, an ACR sponsored player publicly stated: “Keeping money on the ACR website is as safe as in a U.S. bank.” Little – in return – made a video on YouTube, where he refuted this and warned users against large deposits on illegal poker sites, simply because it is a risk.

Phillip Nagy – in response to the video – trolled and wrote negatively to Little on Twitter and blocked him. A week later, another ACR sponsored player released a video on YouTube with a defamatory story of Jonathan Little playing on a Full Tilt account with a friend in 2006.

In general, it is not the first time that the information war between them flared up and turned nasty.

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