poker player roman romanowskiThe time of the big poker challenges is not over
The currently best player of Ukraine Roman Romanowski sets for it an example.It used to be that more or less well-known poker pros announced full-bodied challenges to show how great they are and how easy it is to take the money from others online. Those who looked closely at that time soon realized that the majority of players did not reach their goals at all.

Today, nobody talks anymore about making money online. “Everyone is solid” is the motto, everyone plays solid, and there are hardly any “Edges” left. But there is Roman “Romeopro33” Romanowski, and he is still one level above the “solid”. The proof: Romanowski, the leader in the Ukrainian money list, is currently pursuing a challenge that should end with at least one million dollars – for charitable purposes.

What drives a player to pay attention to their own bankroll instead of pursuing such altruistic goals?

Romanowski explains: “My inspiration is the terrible chaos that surrounds the world today, as well as the desire to change something to better. It hurts me to see how many people live in poverty, the many refugees, all the children who die before they turn five. We live in the 21st century and have to deal with it. That’s just incredible. “

Not many players have a social conscience and an eye for the big picture as Romanowski has, but he still gets a lot of encouragement. The thread on 2 + 2, which he opened on this topic, is already eight pages long. So a significant number of players also think about it  giving something back to society and doing something for the common good.

When Romanowski began his campaign last year, he set a goal of $ 600k profit, of which $ 400k was to go to charity. His starting capital was $ 66.6k, there was no time limit. Romanowski has already achieved this goal and has raised the target to a full million. Part of his success was winning the XL Eclipse High Roller this summer. But even the mentioned million is not the end, because Romanowski will let a bomb burst after all.

“I have raised the target amount to one million dollars. It may also be that I go even higher, but we will see that next year.
The maximum would be 1.5 million for me, which would mean a million dollars for the charity. When I’ve done that, I’ll stop playing poker and make it my mission to make the world a little better. ”

Big respect for such a fantastic person like he is!

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