Black Friday in China for Poker

/Black Friday in China for Poker

Poker in ChinaVery hard times for Pokerfans in China

After the government announced that it also wants to ban “social games” in the field of poker, the people speaks in China of a ‘Chinese Black Friday’.

The Chinese government has announced that from June 1, 2018, all online poker games will be banned. Also in the social media, it is no longer allowed to advertise poker, because the game is no longer considered a game of skill.

Tenchet, the company behind WeChat and the Chinese offshoot of the WSOP, has already removed its WSOP app directly from the stores. For the poker market in China, this is a disaster why you already speak of the ‘Chinese Black Friday’.

Stephen Lai, Managing Director of the Hong Kong Poker Players Association, commented to the South China Morning Post:  The Government action is a shame. We were glad that China has allowed poker in social gaming. It was not played for real money, but the people in China got the opportunity to train and prepare for the sessions in the provinces where the game is legal. Due to the new law, there will be not even play money games and the communication via the social media is no longer possible. There is no way to improve and Chinese players will not get any information about the big tournaments taking place in Asia. Poker is back to zero in China!

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