What will be new in 2018?
Always just before the end of the year, when analyzing the current year, we wonder what the next year will bring. The year 2017 was not a bad year for online poker and there are many positive things that make us optimistic about the year 2018.


We are especially looking forward to the development of PartyPoker. Rarely has a provider started such a comeback as PartyPoker. The management has been changed and the entire strategy and direction has been reworked, so that in a short time they could achieve stunning results and a huge increase in player numbers. Starting with a completely new rakeback program that was enormously demanding, through a revised software to an incredibly successful PartyMillions live poker series.

It can be said that Party Poker did everything right and the success underline that. Interestingly enough, PartyPoker changed that just as the industry leader PokerStars changed their direction. However, exactly the opposite. PokerStars has decided to change the VIP program so drastically that there is actually no rakeback for players anymore, the VIP levels have been canceled and that relatively drastically. PartyPoker, on the other hand, has launched a completely redesigned rakeback program, giving players up to 40% weekly rakeback. Many players have just switched from PokerStars to Party / Bwin for this reason. PartyPoker listens to the players and gets advice from the community what players want and what needs to be improved, and that’s exactly why PartyPoker has been climbing so much in 2017. That’s why we can expect a lot of positives from Party Poker every year.

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CryptoPoker und Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins and Ethereum are coming in strongly and 2017 is booming in this area. Now, in 2018, the first Crypto Poker providers such as Coin Poker and Virtue Poker are going online. These rooms are both be based on the crypto-currency Ethereum and the Blockchain technology. They want to revolutionize online poker and create something that has never existed before, taking you to new dimensions.

Many big names like Tony G or Phil Ivey have already joined these projects and the idea behind them is very interesting and can work really well. If this all really works so as planned and how much it will influence the online market remains to be seen. The theory is always simpler than the practice and it remains to be seen if the obstacles that exist can be removed and if the boom of cryptocurrencies continues. The market leaders are all still holding back on and do not accept accept Bitcons and Co. Only the US friendly providers BlackChipPoker from the Winning Poker network and BetOnline and TigerGaming from the Chico network accept deposits and withdrawals with Bitcoins and Ethereum.

We look forward with curiosity to the year 2018 and the development in this area!

Regulations of the countries

Every year in this area it is like a surprise bag and especially as far as Germany is concerned, it will almost certainly not change in 2017. Very positive is the step that France, Italy, Spain and Portugal go, as they want to start in the spring of 2018 with a common pool of players on the players. This is certainly a good step and the only right one for the future.

General Market

The development is going in the right direction, the providers are doing their best in the acquisition of new players. Online poker is becoming more popular all over the world and people are not ashamed to admit that they like playing online poker. It’s a game for old and young. People from all over the world are brought together online at one table. We’re not in a new poker boom like it was back in the days of Chris Moneymaker, but the next poker boon is coming up. Famous faces from the sports world such as Neymar, Rafael Nadal, Boris Becker, Mario Basler and many more are under contract with major online poker providers and work as brand ambassadors. Poker has long become a very serious game where the better player wins.

The trend is clearly going in the right direction and the year 2017 gives us a very positive view of the new year.

The best poker operator and most profitable games

This question is difficult to answer. All our partners have their advantages and disadvantages and everyone does his best in his own way through various offers. Of course, the whole thing depends a lot on the type of game and what kind of player you are.

There is no clear answer regarding the type of game. In particular, the Spin & Go / Jackpot tournaments will continue to run very successfully in 2018 and will even find much stronger inflow than this year. The attraction to win thousands of Euros or even 1 million within minutes is like a magnet. This style is tailored to each player. Small buy ins, big buy ins, beginner or pro, everyone can take advantage of this kind of games. But  also the multi-table tournaments will continue to attract many players. All poker rooms have already launched many major events this year, with millions of  guaranteed prize money. At the top was clearly this year’s PartyPoker Powerfest, which guaranteed $ 35 million in prize money!


There are many things we can look forward to in 2018. We look forward to a successful year in 2018 and the whole YourPokerDream team will be at your disposal 24/7 as always, offering you the best possible service in various areas.

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