We are contacting you to inform about a new and improved Player Valuation System in the iPoker network!

The change is expected to create a better eco system for recreational poker players which is to the benefit of all parties involved.  The SBR system is designed to push skin revenues from those contributing the rake to those contributing the rake that are net depositors.

Each player will be assigned both a real money account balance as well as a virtual balance, which will be used for the SBR calculation.

As rake is generated, revenue will be assigned to skins based off these players, reducing their virtual balance.

The new Source Based Rake (SBR) Player Valuation will be launched for all iPoker skins on the 01th February 2015!

The Player Valuation system will be comprised of 50% Source Based Rake + 50% Original Rake Tournaments, sit-and-gos, and Twister tournaments will be unaffected by these changes with skins continuing to be assigned revenue based off player contribution.The new changes are expected to have an impact on just about every skin on iPoker!

Those skins that already attract recreational players will instantly be rewarded more for doing so, while those that rely on high-volume profitable players will have a short-term reduction in revenue until they become more attractive to recreational players.

Skins may also have to rethink their rewards, promotions, and VIP programs which in many cases reward players on a rake contributed method which will not match up against how revenue is generated.

The overall network may benefit from this as it should push skins to attract more recreational players and may lead to combining the two-tiers to increase overall liquidity.

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