· Published 08.08.2020 · last updated 20.04.2022

iPoker Network changes

iPoker network makes another attempt to improve cash game ecology

The iPoker network is ensuring that cash game tables are softer. Recently, the popular poker network added new features to put an end to seating scripts and the possibility of specifically selecting tables. You can see these changes at almost every poker site worldwide. No doubts, this reflects the new future of online poker.

One of the newly introduced changes is the “global sit-out”, where sitting out at a cash game table due to inactivity now means that you have to switch to a sit-out mode at all other tables as soon as a current hand is over. This change is intended to prevent any player from blocking a seat at the table for other players and only playing again when a weaker player arrives at the table.

Another change is the anonymous cash game lobby, intending to prevent the use of seating scripts from third-party providers. The player names are not displayed in the lobby overview or at the table. To make this change even more effective and to ensure that the ‘so-called’ seating scripts are unusable, players’ names on the table are hidden and only visible when a big blind is posted by

While some players will certainly complain as always, the adjustments are the right step for a fair field of players and to ensure that casual players are not excluded within a short time. However, the initial feedback from the poker community has been quite positive.

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