CoinPoker Online Poker RoomIs the future really CoinPoker?
A brand new operator called CoinPoker has been launched. However, no  operator like it already exists in hundreds of different ways. Coin Poker is based on a crypto currency, works with chip tokens and uses blockchain technology to tackle unfair gamblers.

Everyone who likes to play poker and fans of crypto currencies can download the software on the website of CoinPoker and test it for free.

CoinPoker representative Isabelle Mercier said that ConPoker’s primary mission is to provide secure, transparent and trusted online poker games. The blockchain technology opens up so many opportunities, even in regions such as Asia or Latin America, where users are constantly struggling with payment problems. Players around the world can assume that all funds are safe and everything is fair at the tables.

Another advantage is, of course, that the cryptocurrency ensures that transactions do not take hours or days, only a few seconds, and that all users all over the world receive their money super fast. Chips (CHP) will be the currency for all players, a special cryptocurrency based on Ethereum’s Smart Contracts. One negativ aspect is that cryptocurrencies change daily or hourly, and the value never stays the same.

CoinPoker will establish the RNG using Blockchain to ensure transparency. It is firmly believed that the blockchain technology has matured as far as to stop even unfair game.

CoinPoker Head of Security Michael Josem, who has helped uncover major scams in the past, said that they are developing a fair play security system that works with blockchain, to help differentiate bots from real players and prevent fraud. Ordinary players should have more fun in the game again. CoinPoker wants to change the online poker world.

The official Coin Poker launch is scheduled for January 2018, but the Pre ICO phase will begin next week. All token holders will receive a 30% bonus over this period. To build liquidity and guarantee larger prize pools, CoinPoker will return 15% of the token token to the community during the ICO phase. Even later, one wants to do the same and 25% of the revenue should then always be distributed among the players.

The idea itself is not bad, if the whole thing prevails and works to be seen remains to be seen. We at YourPokerDream see the biggest problem in reliance on the cryptocurrency and the continuous fluctuations.

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