CoinPoker, a new online poker room using its own cryptocurrency, has just announced the launch of its Stage I Initial Coin Offerings (ICO): At 11:00 on 19 January, the time has come.

The ICO issues no less than 137.5 million CHP tokens – the cryptocurrency used to play at the tables. For the start of sales, there are 4,200 CHP for 1 ETH. The ICO phase is preceded by a successful pre-ICO phase from 16 to 22 November. After only six days, 100 million CHP had been sold, at that time there was even 6,600 CHP for 1 ETH.

The interest in the Stage I offering is high – hundreds of people have signed up for the Whitelist, hoping to be among the first buyers.

The Stage I ICO will either be declared closed on the 26th of January or before, when all CHPs have found new owners. For the near future, a Stage II ICO is planned with a further 137.5 million CHPs. Buyers will then receive 3,500 CHP for 1 ETH. Upon completion of the second ICO phase, 375 million CHP tokens will have been distributed, equivalent to 75 percent of the existing 500 million CHP tokens.

As an added incentive, CoinPoker will distribute 15 percent of the tokens acquired during the ICO phase through real money tournaments. At a tournament on January 21, for example, a Tesla S worth € 71,100 will be the main prize.

CoinPoker is proving its success

Shortly after the pre-ICO phase in November, CoinPoker started offering real-money games and a series of promotions. Among other things, there is an ongoing freeroll series in which players can play for a total of 5 million CHP tokens.

The games and promotions have attracted many visitors, meanwhile, 30,000 players have already registered on the site and the client has been downloaded 20,000 times. There are already 15,000 CHP owners before the start of the Stage I ICO, and the online poker room is booming with 4,000 unique players every day.

The experienced team has made the most of the time to improve client performance and remove bugs. CoinPoker has also shown that they care about the community – the provider is on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and Medium to capture praise, criticism and suggestions. The fact that the ICO prices remain the same despite the increasing ETH course, the community has to owe mainly itself.

In addition, there is a so called “bounty program”, which offers the community incentives to actively contribute and to design, for example, table skins for the app.

CoinPoker has also shown that safety comes first. In addition to a series of articles published by CoinPoker Head of Security Michael Josem at Medium, the site has also taken security measures to tackle multi-accounts.

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