PokerStars vs PartyPoker

The big comparison between PokerStars vs PartyPoker

PartyPoker is the oldest poker room in the world and it came before the current industry leader PokerStars on the market. Nevertheless, PokerStars has dominated the online poker market for many years and it is also by far the best-known provider. PokerStars stands for security and 24/7 full tables. and big tournaments. It will not change in the future, but whoever thinks that PokerStars is automatically the better online poker room is far from it.

Especially since PokerStars changed its strategic direction last year, things have changed to the detriment and has led to more and more players turning away from PokerStars in recent months and finding their way to other online poker sites like Party Poker. We’d like to take a closer look and compare different comparisons between PartyPoker and PokerStars.

It should be mentioned that PartyPoker has been working with Bwin a few years ago and through their partnership they formed a network – same players, same rakeback offer, same tournaments, and so much more.


When it comes to rakeback, we’re right at one of the biggest arguments in favor of PartyPoker. For whatever reason, PokerStars has changed the entire VIP program in 2017 so players will not receive rakeback. For a recreational player who just wants to play a bit and have fun, that does not matter. If you look at it from the point of view of a poker player who is a bit more ambitious, plays regularly or even lives on poker, then these changes are a disaster, the rakeback makes up a significant part of the profits.

Party Poker immediately responded to the changes in stars by releasing a completely reworked rakeback program, giving all players up to 40% weekly rakeback and up to 50% with a special VIP status. Super High Roller can even earn up to 60% with the PartyPoker VIP Diamond Elite Club.

So when it comes to rakeback, PartyPoker is light years better than stars.

Important: All players who create an account at PartyPoker/Bwin will receive a very exclusive rakeback deal and access to our exclusive promotion

Traffic/Amount of players

As far as the number of players is concerned, PokerStars is, of course, still ahead of PartyPoker. That does not mean that PokerStars is automatically the better choice. Especially with the cash game variants Texas Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha, the number of players and the current tables is more than sufficient even with PartyPoker.

Only on the high stakes limits is a small difference to remember, because here at PokerStars more running tables available than at Party Poker. In the end, however, is with both providers action, ranging from the small micro limits to high to the right high roller tables.

As far as the strength of the players is concerned, it is difficult to judge. On the micro limits are on all sides sufficient fish and on the higher limits, it does not take so much. On the low and mid stakes, PokerStars says that the number of bad players is slightly larger, which is broadly true. However, that does not matter in the end, because PartyPoker gets a lot more rakeback and lets the win-rate rise again.

Spin&Go Tournaments

PokerStars was the first vendor to introduce this new style and spark a boom. Meanwhile, all other providers have followed as well as Party Poker. Party has taken over the whole 1: 1 and the tournaments jackpot SNGs. The limits, rake and payout structure are absolutely identical with a few exceptions.

At PartyPoker, you can win 1 million USD from a 5$ buy-in and 2 million USD with a 50$ buy-in.

As far as the number of players is concerned, stars certainly still have the advantage that you do not really notice, because the tables actually work without waiting. Only on the higher buy-ins do you notice that the tables on PokerStars go up a bit faster.

With both providers, millionaires are made within minutes!


Overall, PokerStars’ software is a bit better and maybe a bit clearer. PartyPoker has caught up but after a lot of updates very well, so that only small things make the difference.

Both providers have stable software and you can easily multitable. Both sites offer their players also a Mac version and as well a very modern mobile app.

MTT Shedule

As for the range of large multi-table tournaments, PartyPoker is equal if not better. PokerStars offers more MTT tournaments than Party Poker on a daily basis, but the amount of guaranteed prize money and variety of tournament forms makes just little difference.

As far as the number of players is concerned, PokerStars still has the edge and the number of players is a bit bigger, which often results in a higher prize pool, but of course also a little more variance.

Both providers hold large series of tournaments several times a year with several million guaranteed prize money.


Both providers offer 24/7 support. PartyPoker as well as Bwin offer in addition to the normal email support also a live chat, which is very well received by many players because many of them do not like to write any emails and consider it as annoying.

PokerStars does not have a live chat support, but has a ticket system where the player usually gets a response very quickly.


Tough analysis has to say that both providers do not take much. Two years ago, the verdict would still have been in favor of PokerStars, but as of today’s 2019, it must be clear that both are on par, even though the total number of players is even higher.

The crucial point why we would definitely recommend PartyPoker or Bwin from YourPokerDream is the rakeback offer. At PokerStars the rakeback is the same and at Party / Bwin there are up to 40% weekly for the player. Obviously, this affects players even more, but casual gamers can also afford the money they give away when playing with stars.

Therefore, our recommendation: Play at PartyPoker or Bwin and dont lose money because you play without rakeback.

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