For the first time in the history of YourPokerDream we asked to delete a player from our affiliate account

It’s an extraordinary situation indeed, but on the Winning Poker Network (WPN) many things are extraordinary. We have said many times that the WPN seems to have little interest in working with affiliates, and that greed appears to be a factor. How else can we explain why the WPN offers the worst deals to affiliates? And the problem is compounded by the outrageous 7% transaction fees!

Yes, you read that right – an affiliate is deducted 7% for every transaction. When a player deposits, for example, $5,000, YPD is immediately hit with a deduction of $350. Another $5,000 deposit by the player and another $350 is deducted. This means that before the player has even hit the tables we are down $700 Netrake; in fact the player would have to generate around $1,000 in rake just to bring us to a zero balance! Nobody in the industry is as outrageous as WPN. Moreover, 80% of transactions at WPN are processed in various cryptocurrencies, so the cost is only a few dollars.

The farcical situation is so prone to such serious negativity for affiliates that it got to a point that we had to have a player at Americas Cardroom deleted from our account. Fortunately, the situation was accepted by all parties.

The numbers for this player can be seen in the following table

Month Rake VIP Programme/ Bonus Transaction Fees Net Gaming  YPD Commission  Bonuses paid to the player by YPD
October $1,410 $210 $2,100 ($8k deposit/$23k withdrawal) +$900
November $5,305 $2,100 $315 ($4,500 withdrawal) +$2,880
December $1,615 $330 $735 ($10,500 withdrawal) +$655
January $4,700 $900 $1,000 ($15,000 Deposit) +$2,800
February $2,375 $1,700 $1,610 ($23,000 withdrawal) -$935
March $95 $225 $1,470 ($21,000 withdrawal)  -$1,600
$15,500 -$7,230 ($23k Deposit/$82k withdrawal) +$4,700 +$1,300 1.750$

That’s a rough estimate for this player over a period of six months, and even though the player generated $15,500 in rake, we managed to emerge at the end of this period with a deficit of $450. The decisive factor here is the transaction fees, which make it impossible for an affiliate to earn anything from a player who pays in/out a lot.

The player has always used Bitcoin as a means of payment, and made transactions valued at $105,000. Now let’s set the blockchain fees high, so we would be at $150. But WPN is deducting a staggering $7,230 in transaction fees. The remaining $7,000 will go into WPN’s pocket!

You don’t have to be a maths professor to understand that this is anything but profitable for the affiliate, and this is exactly why the deals and promotions that can be offered at WPN are poor compared with the other online poker rooms.

The greed of the CEO of WPN is beyond description, and there is no improvement in sight. There are numerous providers that are active in many regulated countries, pay high licence costs and taxes, give better deals to affiliates, but only take 1%-3% transaction fees. WPN, on the other hand, hides behind an offshore company while disregarding almost all laws and guidelines. Players from all countries are accepted, even if they have no licences. It’s a case of they do what they want, and exactly the same attitude applies to affiliates.

At YourPokerDream we include WPN in our portfolio only to cater for those players who are not eligible to play with other providers. We absolutely don’t agree with WPN’s business policy. Indeed, it’s a shame because the network itself would have great potential if certain key elements changed but, unfortunately, that will probably never happen. If, for whatever reason, the US market were to receive uniform regulation and there were providers who could accept players from all states, the lights would suddenly go out at WPN. 80% of the player pool consists of players from the US, 10% from countries that are otherwise excluded almost everywhere else (such as Romania, Australia or Switzerland, to name just three examples) and the remaining 10% are from the rest of the world.

WPN is currently very popular with players from Germany

New German gaming law is due to come into force in July of this year. Numerous large providers have already withdrawn from the German market; the others have to adhere to strict requirements, such as a €1,000 monthly deposit limit, a maximum of four tables being played simultaneously, a panic button… Some have even removed the VIP programme/rakeback from the programme and currently do not accept any new registrations from players from Germany until licences have been issued.

WPN doesn’t care about any of these things, and instead carries on as always as if nothing had ever happened. What about laws, WPN? Clearly, at first glance it’s an attractive prospect, and therefore more and more German players are drawn to the WPN network.

But if you want to take a look and test out the tables elsewhere, we recommend our partner, PokerKing, as we have the highest deal there, and deposits/withdrawals can be made through us as an agent in order to avoid the crazy transaction fees.

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