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· Published 22.10.2020 · last updated 22.10.2020

Orbita poker podcast had some genuinely stellar guests last week: GPoker Ambassador Daniel Negreanu, partypoker partner Rob Young, and former MPN director Alex Scott.

All three guests discussed online poker control issues and the new law and measures implementation. During the discussion, Daniel Negreanu spent a lot of time talking about VPN usage. According to the famous poker professional, he does not care where the user is playing from if the player is who he calls himself.

Almost all poker rooms don’t allow using VPNs, and thus, Negreanu’s opinion goes against the rules of both his former employers PokerStars and current ones. A few years ago, Daniel was rude in this regard:

“I’ve said this before. I don’t care where you play from as long as it’s you. It shouldn’t bother me and for me it doesn’t matter which country you play from.”

Daniel also recalled a sensational story about the winner of WCOOP 2018 “wann2play”, who played with a VPN. Later his winnings in the amount of $ 1,350,000 were frozen, and a year later they were confiscated and awarded the status to the runner-up winner.

Countries should control the players themselves

Daniel is convinced that spending money on tracking players with a VPN makes absolutely no sense in online poker. Using the example of a poker pro, he simulated the situation: if Apple products are banned in Senegal, will the company check whether their gadgets are used in the country?

“I think that it makes absolutly no sense for poker rooms to pursue such a policy in cases where the rule is illogical. There is no point in wasting time and money to enforce these requirements. You should control this problem yourself if it concerns only your country. “

At the same time, the use of any VPN or Proxy in the GGNetwork network is seriously monitored. If a user takes part in the games from a territory prohibited by the poker room, his account will be blocked until his presence is confirmed.

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