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· Published 27.01.2021 · last updated 27.01.2021

Swingiest week of the challenge gives Negreanu hope

Heads up poker is considered one of the purest forms of poker with two players battling to win bust each other. So naturally, it’s the perfect venue for two players looking to settle a score. And when it’s not a random online player whose Aces just got cracked screaming HU4Rollz in the chat and instead two of the professional poker worlds greatest rivals, it also makes for some entertaining poker and quite frequently fireworks.

Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk are in the home stretch of their High Stakes Feud yet with action over the past week, this challenge looks like it’s in for a rollercoaster finish. Choosing to continue playing rather than take advantage of the escape clause at the half-way mark when he was down $770,254 to Polk, Negreanu ensured the railbirds were in for a treat as he attempted to battle his way back.

Polk cracks the $1 million profit mark

Session 30 began with Negreanu coming off a four-session losing streak and vowing to turn things around – calling his shot and predicting a $228k win. Unfortunately for him, Polk had a run of cards stacking Negreanu in a couple of early coinflips before this hand came up.

The river brought a world of pain as Polk ended up scooping the $300k pot after hitting the four outer. While Negreanu did recover a bit of his losses later in the session when Polk got caught bluffing into Negreanu’s turned straight, his predicted win ended up being a $298,984 loss and allowed Polk to finally cross the million-dollar milestone after flirting with it a few times over the course of the challenge.

For the Canadian poker pro though, Polk’s luck was a bit too much and led to many expletive laden rants throughout the broadcast culminating in this gem in a post-session interview:

                “I’m not suggesting that the fucking software’s rigged, but man, it feels like it. It just doesn’t feel real, and I’ve been playing poker for- what am I, fucking 46? – I’ve been playing poker for 27, 28 years. This doesn’t feel possible. I know it is possible, and I know fucking variance is a thing. But it doesn’t feel possible. It just doesn’t feel fucking possible.”

Taking into account the expected value (EV) of his all in bets, Negreanu is in a deeper hole than he could expect to be but to have the GGPoker Ambassador talk about the game being “rigged” really shows the impact this match is having on Negreanu’s psyche.

From Kid Poker to the Comeback Kid?

After taking the night off to clear his head, Negreanu was back at the tables and hoping for a better outcome in the next session. Hope is a powerful motivator and he seemed to be hitting all the cards he complained about missing just a couple days before. Pocket Jacks were the hand of the night for Negreanu with a set of fishhooks topping Polk’s two pair and then later a $116k pot making its way across the table to Kid Poker with his pocket Jacks holding out against pocket eights.

At the end of the night, fans were treated to the largest win of the session with Negreanu up a massive $390,000 victory and taking the wind out of Polk’s sails after his impressive win the day before. In contrast to the day before, the winner’s victory tweet lacked the “rigged” factor.

Monday’s session was one of the shorter ones as both players were probably looking to avoid the crazy action of the last two matches. Negreanu ended up finishing up $48,000 and chopping his deficit that just a few days earlier had been over a million to a more manageable $572,000.

The action is expected to continue and with the two still having a bit of 5,000 hands to go, keep checking back to YourPokerDream and we’ll keep you up to date on the challenge. In the meantime, if you want to try your luck at some heads-up poker, GGPoker is the home of Daniel Negreanu and with traffic 24/7, you’ll have no trouble finding an opponent to start your own feud with.

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