DD0s Attack Poker

Different DDos Attacks against major online poker sites

For more than a week, the online poker world has been plagued by Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Three sites were affected. Luckily, the problems seem to have been solved for now.

The first wave of attacks hit America’s Card Room (ACR) on Sunday, August 5 – unfortunately, technical problems coincided with the launch of the Mini Online Super Series (MOSS). The MOSS Series will pay out at least $ 10 million through tournament prize pools. Due to the attacks, the operator was forced to cancel several tournaments prematurely. And its not the first time that DDoS attacks hit Americas Card Room. ACR is a few time every month the target for such DDos attacks.

But this time the attacks did not stop. Next, the services of PartyPoker and PokerStars were affected.

If you are new to hacking world terminology, Denial of Service attacks are “a cyber attack where the attacker makes a network or Internet service unreachable by disconnecting the host’s Internet connection.  This is accomplished by overloading the affected network with a “plethora of requests” – until legitimate page views stop pervading.

So you can imagine how difficult it is to stop such an attack. Nevertheless, online poker sites are keen to ensure a high level of security to make such attacks as unlikely as possible.

PartyPoker DDos Atttack

Last Thursday, August 9, partypoker’s tournaments had to be paused and canceled after various players complained about connectivity issues. Partypoker confirmed via Twitter that they were DDoS attacks. Partypoker Managing Director Tom Waters delivered a statement and apology on the next day, which was posted on the partypoker blog.

Waters confirmed that the site had been subjected to several hours of DDoS attacks, which led to issues such as delays in gaming and the inability to log in. He asserted, however, that the team “continues to work with a DDoS Mitigation Service Provider to minimize future risks to a minimum.” And further:

“The unfortunate events of August 9 were understandably frustrating for our players. After careful consideration, we have made the decision to pause the affected tournaments and finally cancel. “

On Saturday partypoker on Twitter assured that players who have not yet received any refunds will get their money in any case – now the problems seem to be a thing of the past.

PartyPoker DDos

PokerStars DDos Attack

The last page that suffered DDoS attacks was PokerStars. The first technical issues occurred on Sunday, August 12, when several tournaments – including the flagship event, the Sunday Million – had to be interrupted and paused. The disruptions involved not only the service offered worldwide on PokerStars.com, also the new joint European Stars network and the Italian and Indian domains, according to Poker Industry Pro ($) was affected.

Surprisingly, players from Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Romania could continue playing as usual. Players from these countries took advantage of this to steal the chips from all other player for almost one hour.

Find here all detailed information about the last DDoS attack against PokerStars.

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