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· Published 08.11.2019 · last updated 13.11.2019


Players at PartyPoker will soon be able to load their hand histories again

An interesting info reached us today. After it was decided in June this year that all players may neither use a HUD anymore, nor load his hand history, PartyPoker seems to change its mind. Just four days ago, the popular GG Poker Network announced that it is now possible for all players to manually download their hands.

It is likely that GG network wants to make its data anonymous. Players’ nicknames will remain anonymous so that it won’t be possible to build a database, or to use a HUD. This is definitely the right decision. So as a player, you have the opportunity to analyze and improve your own game and that is exactly the purpose of taking this step.

In the near future, players will be able to view and download their played hands in their “MyGame account”. In order to access your My Game Account, all you have to do is click on the small arrow pointing down in the poker software where your nickname will be displayed, then a small menu opens where you will see “My Game”. Click on it and it will open a browser window and your “PartyPoker My Game Account”

PartyPoker My Game Account

According to the current information, players can download their hand histories the next day. This means that all hands played on the 15th of November, for example, will be available only on the 16th of November. Also, it means that you can only load hands that are no longer than 40 days ago.

The maximum number of hands that can be loaded at one time is 10,000. If someone wants to load more than 10,000 hands, then you should select different time periods and load the hand histories separately.

PartyPoker reserves the right to exclude certain players from the option to load their hand histories if they suspect that a player will share them with other players to create a database with player nicknames. The stated hand and table numbers in the HH do not match those of PartyPoker’s to protect players from those who gain unfair advantage and attempt to act maliciously.

An all-in EV report should be also available to all players during the month of November. This is especially beneficial for all SPINS players.

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