YourPokerDream is very careful about working with questionable poker apps and small providers

The past has taught us one thing: nothing is impossible in our industry. It would go beyond the scope of the article if we bring various examples from the past 10 years in which players have been cheated, providers were not paid out and simply disappeared from the market overnight.

We keep getting inquiries from players about why – unlike other affiliates – we have comparatively few poker rooms in our portfolio and we don’t offer any of the mysterious Asian poker apps. YourPokerDream is currently working with 16 providers. At first glance, this doesn’t sound like a lot, but when comparing it with other affiliates that have more than 40 providers, we lag behind. We work with fewer poker providers, and here is why:

YourPokerDream attaches great importance to quality and security

First and foremost, we make sure that we only offer our players the best. We are an affiliate and make various recommendations to our community where it is worth playing online poker. Even if we have nothing to do with the game operation and the payment transactions between the poker room and the player, it still falls back a little bit on us if something goes wrong and one of our mediating players is dissatisfied.

Of course, like many other affiliates, we can work with more providers. But If something goes wrong or the player is dissatisfied, it will be difficult to comprehend. We want the best for our players, and that’s why we work with quality by partnering with only the best poker providers.

Everyone knows that we are 100% transparent in dealing with our community and do not shy away from big names. To keep our integrity intact, we no longer work with 888, which is why we stopped working with WinnerPoker and TitanPoker.

Transparency, trust, and respectful communication are the basis for successful collaboration for us. If we cannot trust a partner, why should we recommend them?

Asian poker apps

We have received numerous requests from various poker apps that want to work with us. We all rejected it. We do not want to assume that every poker app is trustworthy. We always try to ascertain how serious and safe a poker app can be if our players want to deposit and withdraw. Poker players have to make transactions, then they get to play money chips for a certain value, which in the end, is exchanged for real money through an intermediary. Here, even the most credulous person understands that some poker apps aren’t legal and do not have adequate security.

Even if we were the intermediary, we cannot guarantee that everything will run smoothly and that our players’ funds will be safe at the end after every transaction. For this reason, we always reject such requests directly. Maybe that will work out quite well. But how long? As already mentioned, some Asian apps aren’t safe to work with.

Offshore companies and small providers

Now there are also various offshore providers, such as the Winning Poker (WPN) network, which has been accepting players from the USA and other countries illegally for years without an official license. In most countries, WPN only accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment for a reason.

The WPN network has been one of the leading poker networks in the industry for years, which is only the case because it accepts US players. There have never been any problems with the payouts, but you cannot say that the promotions and Rakeback offers are completely okay.

Nevertheless, we do not like to promote the network and only have it in the program because players from the USA are accepted, and that it has created a name for itself over the in recent years; there are players who would like to play there just to look for “fish” from the USA.

We generally reject inquiries from other offshore companies or small new providers. It may be that there are some providers who work really seriously and have potential. However, since the risk is too great for us and we know how difficult it is to prevail on the market, we prefer to refrain from doing so.

We accept partners with a solid background

When selecting our partners, there are various criteria that are important to us. If most of them are met, we consider working together:

  • Experience in the poker market
  • The average number of players
  • Rakeback and promotions
  • Head office company
  • Licenses in which countries
  • Software
  • Opportunities for us as an affiliate
  • Payment methods that are offered for every player

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