Big Wrap PPLO Festival will take place in Kings Casino

Kings casino

King’s Casino, located in the cozy city Rozvadov (Czech) on the border with Germany, has remained one of the favorite places of all pot-limit-Omaha lovers for a long time. Actually, there is a non-stop action of this variant of poker on a variety of limits; some of them are often streamed online.

Currently, King’s Casino is preparing to host the upcoming grand festival Big Wrap PLO dedicated to pot-limit-Omaha games, which will take place from the 1st to 8 of April. There will be two PLO tournaments with the with €1.2 Million total guaranteed prize pool. In other words, it is a must-visit even for pot-limit-Omaha lovers.

Big Wrap Warmup PLO – €200,000 guaranteed

The prize pool of €200,000 is guaranteed for the first Big Wrap tournament with the €550 buy-in. From the 1st to 3rd of April the first 3-start tournaments will be launched and all participants will start with the same stack of 30,000 chips. The duration of each tournament will be 30 minutes. As for re-entries, players can enter the tables as much as they want during the late registration period, which ends at the end of the 10th level.

At the 4th and 5th days of the festival, the duration of each of the tournaments will be increased up to 45 minutes.

Moreover, anyone who participates in the Big Wrap tournament gets the opportunity to qualify in the satellites dedicated to upcoming event from €75 buy-in that may be considered as a profitable investment.

Big Wrap – €1,000,000 guaranteed

It’s no great surprise that the key event will become Big Wrap PLO, that will take place from 5th to 8th of April. Due to €2,350 buy-in and an impressive million-dollar guarantee, the competition will certainly mobilize leading pot-limit Omaha poker players around the globe.

The tournament in the 8-max format is distinguished by a fairly smooth structure: the players will get the starting stack of 100,000 chips to compete for a huge prizepool. Each level will last for 40 minutes.

If you would like to take part in Big Wrap PLO event, you may pay the inner partypoker currency PP LIVE. Moreover, first 50 players who will register in the festival by using PP LIVE dollars will get three nights in King’s Resort Hotel for free.

There is also a pleasant surprise for players who prefer to use the more conventional method of paying for buy-ins: special prices for 5 or 6 nights in King’s Resort Hotel €349 and €399 accordingly.

Big Wrap Timetable

Дата Время Турнир Бай-ин


31 March 6:00 pm Satellite to The Big Wrap €350 7 seats
1 April 3:00 pm Satellite to The Big Wrap Warm Up €75 10 seats
6:00 pm The Big Wrap Warm Up Day 1A €550 €200,000
2 April 3:00 pm Satellite to The Big Wrap Warm Up €75 10 seats
6:00 pm The Big Wrap Warm Up Day 1B €550 €200,000
3 April 3:00 pm Satellite to The Big Wrap Warm Up €75 10 seats
6:00 pm The Big Wrap Warm Up Day 1C €550 €200,000
4 April 2:00 pm The Big Wrap Warm Up Day 2 €550 €200,000
6:00 pm Satellite to The Big Wrap €350 8 seats
5 April 2:00 pm The Big Wrap Warm Up Final Day €200,000
4:00 pm The Big Wrap Day 1A €2,350 €1,000,000
8:00 pm Satellite to The Big Wrap €350 8 seats
6 April 4:00 pm The Big Wrap Day 1B €2,350 €1,000,000
10:00 pm The Big Wrap Lucky SNG Challenge €100 10 seats
7 April 10:00 am Last Chance Turbo Sat to The Big Wrap €250 5 seats
2:00 pm The Big Wrap Day 2 €2,350 €1,000,000
8 April 5:00 pm The Big Wrap Final Day

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