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· Published 08.10.2020 · last updated 11.12.2020

Mike Postle is accused of cheating during the cash came in Stones Gambling Hall

The Postlegate scandal took a new twist after Mike Postle, a 42-year-old poker professional who has been widely accused of cheating on live-streamed games at Sacramento casino, launched a $330 million defamation lawsuit against lots of people.

The list of people Postle filed a case against includes Veronica Brill, podcaster Joey Ingram and Daniel Negreanu, and companies connected to Phil Galfond, Matt Berkey, Jonathan Little, Doug Polk, and many others.

Todd Witteles – a poker pro and WSOP winner – who is also a defendant, in this case, said this on his official twitter page: “The Trump news will drown this out, but Mike Postle is suing me, @Angry_Polak, @ESPN, @Pokernews, @PhilGalfond, @haralabob, @BartHanson, @RealKidPoker, @JonathanLittle, @Joeingram1, and @DougPolkVids for defamation. The suit is obviously frivolous, and I will fight it.”

Veronica Bill, a fellow player, formally tweeted out her suspicion that Postle’s winnings at Stones Gambling Hall were too good to be true. Hence, Postle has stated that he has suffered from the allegations made against him.

Veronica Bill also told Wired News that Postle said to her that all allegations made against him are false and that he has been a target by people who desire either fame or money.

On October 1st, Postle filed a defamation suit seeking $330 million in damages from a dozen named defendants. It is essential to know that the lawsuit now targets almost every famous poker player who has publicly commented or investigated Postle’s alleged acts.

Among those in Postle’s legal palaver includes Daniel Negreanu, a poker champion from Canada who won more than $42 million in live games. Haralabos Voulgaris, a Greek-Canadian former professional gambler and primarily a sports bettor and current Director of Quantitative Research and Development for the Dallas Mavericks Voulgaris, and Run It Once, a poker training company owned by Phil Galfond, a three-time WSOP event winner.

Postle’s lawsuit’s crux is that those accusing him of cheating knew they were lying when they called him out on almost every social network.

The complaint said: “Not only did defendants, and each of them, have no reasonable basis to believe these statements, but they also had no belief in the truth of these statements, and in fact knew the statements to be false.”

Postle also claimed that he had suffered big losses in his poker career due to these allegations, including stress and anxiety that has rendered him unable to leave his home.

The complaint has got the poker world talking

Some enthralling complaint details have got the poker world talking. The main talk among these details is a passage that discussed the suspicion that Postle got clues about his opponents’ cards on the phone he often kept on his lap. The complaint also said that Postle used his mobile phone to monitor bets, and that “he began placing his phone between his legs when he started receiving inappropriate messages or pictures from women he was frequenting with at the time.”

Furthermore, the complaint revealed that Postle’s legal team will seek to attack Brill’s character: “Defendant Brill has a history of wild accusations against multiple people over the years, none of which have ever been substantiated.”

Many players in the poker industry, together with lots of named defendants, have greeted the info of Postle’s lawsuit with mockery. For instance, Negreanu posted this GIF on his official Twitter page:

Many poker enthusiasts envisage that Postle must have found a way to preview his opponent’s hole cards during Stones’ live-streamed games. At the moment, there hasn’t been any evidence against Postle, and no accomplice has stepped forward to confess they were involved in such a scheme. But many famous poker players still hold on to the fact that Postle made lots of strange yet beneficial decisions that do not focus on the modern poker theory. They insisted that someone would only make such decisions if they held a nefarious edge.

So how will this lawsuit play out eventually? Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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