Key questions and answers about GGPoker (FAQ)

With GGPoker having enjoyed an increase in popularity and player numbers over the last year or so, here at YourPokerDream we thought it would be a good idea to provide an overview of what players can expect when they join our fantastic partner online poker room.

Hopefully we answer the main questions below, but if you have any of your own about GGPoker or, indeed, our other recommended sites, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Support Team.

Is there Rakeback at GGPoker?

Yes! The GG network has a Rakeback programme which is rather amusingly called Fish Buffet. All skins of the GG network – and thus all players – automatically participate. In addition, there are interesting promotions offered every month, so there’s always something extra to make time enjoyed at the tables even more rewarding.

There are no flat rakeback deals at GGPoker!

Can YourPokerDream offer special Rakeback deals for GGPoker?

NO! GGPoker does not want affiliates offering any kind of alternative Rakeback deals, so this would violate the rules of the network. However, we are allowed to run Rake Races and Rake Chases, so it is still possible for us to offer our players some extra motivation and value through these promotions.

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Are all skins of the GG network the same?

For the most part, yes. All players and skins participate in the Fish Buffet, have the same network promotions and the same player pool. Special VIP tables are available only exclusively on GGPoker and not with other GG skins.

There may also be differences between the individual skins in terms of payment options. It is important to know that each of the skins is an individual company despite belonging to the same network.

Are professional players excluded and blocked at GGPoker?

No, of course not! Every player is welcome to play at the GG network. However, there is a PVI factor in place at GG. This ensures a healthy balance in terms of the player pool, having an impact on winning players because they collect Fish Buffet points less quickly and less rake is counted.

Can I use HUDs and other aids while playing?

NO! The use of a HUD or other software tools/aids is not allowed while playing on the GG network. The reasoning behind this is that it levels the playing field and therefore helps all players – regardless of their experience, bankroll and resources and so on – feel like they have a faor chance to compete. It is important to note that GG has a ZERO tolerance policy on this matter!

Can players open more than one account at GGPoker?

No! You are allowed to have one account only at GGPoker. Be warned: attempting to open a second account without permission can lead to a ban!

Does my player account have to be verified?

Absolutely! As with any other poker room, a player must verify their account. To do this you have to upload a valid form of identification and an additional proof of address (e.g. utility bill, bank statement, official letter etc.).

The process is simple. Log into the poker client, click on Cashier and there you can upload your documents. It makes sense to do this right at the beginning in order (for example) to avoid additional waiting time for a cashout.

All players must also verify their email, which also works via the Cashier. You will receive a code by email which you must then enter in the Cashier.

Is GGPoker a safe place to play?

Of course! GG has numerous official gaming licenses, including from Malta and the UK.

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