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As you know, our partner BreakoutPoker offers a very special rakeback program called Fish Buffet. You have to spin a wheel to find out how much rakeback you receive. Depending on your VIP Level, you can get up to 100% rakeback while spinning the wheel. You can find detailed information about the Fish Buffet VIP Program at our BreakoutPoker Review.

We have contacted 35 of our players to find out which results they got while spinning the wheel. We have counted only the results from the VIP Levels Octopus-Shark. As you see, the results are quite varied. The goal of this overview is just to show you how lucky or unlucky other players are.

On every VIP status, the wheel can stop at 6 different levels, which determine how much rakeback the player receives from the Fish Buffet. In our overview, Level 1 is the highest and Level 6 the lowest.

After 520 Spins our player got the following results:

Level 1: 30 times
Level 2: 46 times
Level 3:  75 times
Level 4: 120 times
Level 5: 78 times
Level 6: 171 times

Conclusion (04.12.2018): We talked to a lot of players about this case, and although only one person actually complained, we have come to the conclusion that the given percentages which GGPoker promises are not correct. Especially at the very high VIP levels, the wheel stops too often at levels 4-6, what is the 3 lowest rakeback steps.

To be fair, we must point out that we also had one player at “Shark Status” who reached the two highest levels twice in a row. However, if we take a closer look and analyze all the results, then we must clearly say that the wheel stops at the lower levels too often.

We must also note that 520 Spins is not such a big amount, but it is substantial enough to understand that the percentages which GGPoker promises are most likely not accurate.

It is important to say that GGPoker is not a bad network and gives players a lot of nice advantages. But this does not justify giving inaccurate numbers to their players.

Simple example: If the chance to hit the two highest levels is just 5%, then let it be so and publish this number. But if the chance is 30%, then it should be 30% in practice, and end up as 5%.

Please note: Our partner BreakoutPoker cannot do anything in this case. The Fish Buffet Promotion is from GGPoker and it is the same for all skins which are a part of this network. We have sent a complaint to check the percentages which are shown for the Fish Buffet Promotion.

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