Funny scenes from the poker world

At the poker table very often funny and interesting things happen. Players go crazy due to a bad beat, insult other players and freak out. Some celebrate wildly after a won hand and others think they have won, only to realize that they have misread the board.

We looked around in YouYube for a bit and listed the coolest and funniest videos here. Enjoy it and look at what’s happening at the poker tables around the world.

If you think you have won the hand ….

Sometimes you miss in the heat of battle and because you are so happ that a certain card comes, that you are not the winner at the end. As you can see, that does happen a bit more often.

Just fold and I can go to the bathroom

Funny sentence and that’s what happens at the Heads Up of the EPT in Barcelona in 2016. So you can confuse your opponent :)

No one before has celebrated so much after winning a hand

It’s definitely not the fine way to behave like this at the poker table and to celebrate like that after a lucky hand, but it happens sometimes. Whereby this funny emotional outburst is very special.

Also two of the top pros of the scene like to have fun live on TV

Phil Laak and Antonio Esfandiari are big names in the poker scene and both seem to get along quite well and have a lot of fun even if over $ 100,000 change the owner.

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