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· Published 23.08.2020 · last updated 25.08.2020

Relentless high stakes action continues on the GG Poker Network

Well that didn’t take long!

Just over a week ago, the GGPoker Network was home to the biggest pot in No Limit Hold’em cash game history. Records though are made to be broken and this one held up just a bit over a week as the high stakes cash games at Natural8 gave us another giant pot of $974,631 – over $130k higher than last week’s record.

It may have taken 12 years to break the previous record held by two high stakes legends, Tom Dwan and Di Dang but the constant side game action at this year’s WSOP almost made it inevitable that we would see another giant pot (or two) during the series.

Big Slick proves its worth

The latest hand featured Ali Imsirovic versus Tan “tan4321” Xuan playing $500/$1000 blinds of NLHE along with a $2000 straddle to keep the action flowing. Imsirovic woke up with Ace King of spades – the famous suited Big Slick, a hand known to often be a big winner (or loser).

Tan on the other hand had a marginal holding of nine seven of diamonds and chose to come along for the flop. He ended up hitting top pair on a paired board with the flop playing out relatively standard. The turn brought a second spade for Imsirovic who called Tan’s turn bet.

River though was where the bulk of the money went in. An eight of spades completed Imsirovic’s flush and Tan chose the wrong time to shove his remaining $300k into the pot. Imsirovic made the call and took down the monster pot. Take a look at all the action below shared from Imsirovic’s Twitter conversation with fellow pro and bracelet winner, Daniel Strelitz.

Previous record holder still making waves in high stakes cash games

Wiktor “limitless” Malinowski was the beneficiary of Aces over Kings in the last week’s action. He can’t feel too sad on losing his title for largest NLHE cash game pot though. The Polish pro had a fine week himself and likely bagged himself a record that will stand the test of time – largest pot ever won with seven deuce off-suit.

Despite being the worst possible starting hand in poker, the fearless high stakes regular scooped a $500k pot after spiking a four of hearts on the river to complete his straight.

Chris Brewer, the high stakes pro at the losing end of Malinowski’s win may be a bit tongue in cheek with his response in the tweet above – after all, Malinowski did call his four-bet pre-flop with the seven deuce. Either way, the action is expected to continue over at the Natural8 and GGPoker as they continue to run the first heats for the WSOP Main Event.

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