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· Published 28.12.2019 · last updated 28.12.2019

GG poker network is going to ruffle $700 000 during January

There are three fantastic cash games promos in GG Poker Network that will take place In January 2020.  All the participants will share $700,000 of January guaranteed prize pool

Rake racing enthusiasts will get the opportunity to take part in Short-Deck and Rush & Cash. For those who would like to play push-fold cash games, an All-In or Fold promotion has been created. The game at the cash tables will be conducted at different limits.

Rush & Cash

Rush & Cash games are played in a usual hold`em format. However, a player has the opportunity to click on the Quick Fold button to move to the new poker table automatically.

During the Rush & Cash promotion, a $375,000 prize pool will be raffled off. The sum of $75,000 will be shared by players according to the five weekly leaderboards. Points will be awarded to players for each hand.

Short-Deck Hand Race

The Short-Deck Hand Race rake will take place at the short-deck hold’em cash tables in the form of leaderboards, where a sum of $140,000 will be ruffled.

The total prize pool of $28,000 will be distributed according to the five leaderboards within a month. The Short-Deck Hand Race will be played at 5 different limits depending on the entry fee.

All-In or Fold Festival

The All-In or Fold Festival is a unique cash game of the GG Network. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the player has only two options: To go all-in or fold.

About $200,000 will be raffled off at the All-In or Fold Festival as part of the Daily AOF Festival Giveaway freerolls. To receive a promotional ticket, a participant needs to play 200 hands a day in the format of the game. The freeroll prize pool will range from $450 to $3,000 depending on the buy-in size at which the game will be played in the All-In or Fold Festival.

2.000€ Bonus/35% Flat Rakeback

1.000$ Bonus/25k YPD Rake Race

600$ Bonus/6.000$ YPD Freerolls

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