More and more poker rooms are looking for different ways to make online poker more entertaining for an average player in order to attract more users. Spin & Go tournaments are a prime example of this dynamic. These poker formats add some randomness to the game and give players a chance to win a large amount of money even at the lowest stakes and without an advanced set of skills. GGPoker tries to appeal to the masses in a similar way. However, this room takes a slightly different approach by focusing on cash games rather than on tournaments. We are talking about Cash Drops.

Cash Drops are available across all Rush & Cash tables, which is a local variation of fast-fold poker. These Cash Drops can happen at any time. But most importantly, they can be worth anywhere between 10 and 600 big blinds. In this article, we have decided to take a close look at this feature and give you a detailed GGPoker Cash Drops guide. 

GGPoker Cash Drops Explained

Like we mentioned before, GGPoker is trying to attract the masses via its new and exciting takes on the classic poker formats. GGPoker has modified its Rush & Cash tables by adding a bit of randomness and additional cash. Whenever you join any Rush & Cash table, you will have an opportunity to participate in a unique Cash Drop hand. These events are triggered at random, therefore there is no precise way of telling when the Cash Drop will take place. The amount of Cash Drop is random as well. However, it is known that the minimum amount is 10 big blinds and the maximum amount is 600 big blinds if you are especially lucky. 

The amount of Cash Drop also plays a role in how it will be distributed. For example, if the amount is small, it will be added to the pot and whoever wins the given hand will get some extra value from it. If the bonus is large enough, the money will be added to your stack straight away. Therefore, you have a choice between playing more or getting up and leaving with your cash and chips. Needless to say that smaller Cash Drops will occur much more often than gigantic ones. However, if you manage to hit a rare Cash Drop worth 600 big blinds, then you are in for an exciting and rewarding experience. 

You may also wonder where exactly does the Cash Drop money comes from. Unfortunately, GGPoker is not so generous as to give its money away for free. Therefore, Cash Drops are funded directly by the players. For example, one big blind is added to the Cash Drop pool from every pot that exceeds 30 big blinds. And this amount does not include the regular rake paid at GGPoker tables. Therefore, you are paying a small amount of money for an opportunity to get the Cash Drop. It may not look like a lot for a casual player that plays poker occasionally. However, these fees do tend to add up in a long run for regular grinders in Rush & Cash. These players can participate in hundreds or even thousands of hands every day. On the other hand, regulars have a much higher chance of getting the Cash Drop. For this reason, it is fair to say that it compensates for the additional fee. 

Pros and Cons of Cash Drops

Cash Drops are generally appreciated by most of the player base. However, certain types of players, such as regulars, are not very supportive of this poker format. In order to understand the topic better, let’s look at the main pros and cons of Cash Drops

Cash Drops Reduce the Skill Factor

The vast majority of regulars and serious grinders are not very supportive of more randomization in the current poker rooms. The main reason behind this opinion is that whenever an operator introduces a feature that goes off at random, it gives everyone an equal chance of winning, therefore it reduces the weight of skill in the matter. Because of this, many grinders on GGPoker criticize Cash Drops. This can be seen in other poker rooms as well. Many regulars disapprove of Spin & Go tournaments on PokerStars. However, it is quite hard for a poker operator to skip on the casual player base. And this leads us to the main pro of Cash Drops. 

Cash Drops are Good for Poker Economy and “Ecosystem”

Casual players are an important part of the poker player pool. In many cases, they form the majority of users, especially at GGPoker, which focuses on recreational players rather than on hardcore grinders. Players that play for fun can get bored quite easily by doing the same thing at the poker table. Even if they are not losing. In the worst-case scenario, the poker room can start losing its clients to other operators or other forms of online gambling. That is the main reason why GGPoker is trying to make their room more attractive to casuals. Cash Drops were designed with the purpose to make normal games of poker more exciting and unpredictable. They can also motivate some players to make a return to GGPoker and start playing again. After all, they can get lucky and get a hefty payout without putting much money at risk. 

If we think about it in broader terms, then players that do get lucky and win will usually spread this cash around in other poker games at the website. And that directly benefits the poker operator. 

Even though Cash Drops are likely to reduce the skill factor in the short term, it is hard to deny that they bring in a lot of money to the poker room. 

How to Get the Most Value out of Cash Drops?

As we mentioned earlier in the article, smaller Cash Drops are added to the pot, while larger Cash Drop is added directly to the players’ stacks. There is no doubt that skilled players will still dominate these tables, as regulars will be more likely to win these larger cash drops than the “fish”. Unfortunately, they are no concrete rules regarding what is considered to be a large Cash Drop and a small Cash Drop. But, given that smaller pots are quite frequent, you will have many opportunities to fight for some extra cash. 

It is also important to remember that Cash Drop tables will give you some Fish Buffet points. Therefore, you can win even more rewards while playing this fast-fold poker format. This compensates for the small extra fee you need to pay while playing Cash Drop pots. By adjusting your strategy, you can make these tables quite profitable for yourself. More on this in the next paragraph.

Cash Drops Strategy

It can be tricky to adjust your strategy to Cash Drops. It is especially tricky because it requires a different approach to calculating risk. Whenever you see a Cash Drop added to the pot, you need to take into account that money when you make your decisions. If we consider the fact that Cash Drops at GGPoker can bring up the pot’s value quite a lot, then you will have to be a little more aggressive than usual. 

Let’s take a look at an example situation. You have 100 big blinds and 70 big blinds are added to the pot during a Cash Drop. With this amount of money in the pot, it is a good idea to try and steal it with a wide range of hands. Let’s imagine that you are going all-in with 100 big blinds. Therefore, the overall pot is 270 big blinds (100 + 100 + 70), which gives around 2.7 to 1 to your money, which is a great value. 

In most cases, it is worth going for large pots like that. Even if there is a chance that your opponent has a better hand than you. The hardest part is to find these spots and take on a more aggressive approach that outweighs the potential risks. With that in mind, you should always play any decent hand. Especially when we consider the fact that other players will also take on a more aggressive approach. You should always go with your strong hands and hope that you get lucky. This is just the nature of fast-fold poker.

Final Thoughts

It is fair to say that Cash Drops are a great addition to GGPoker. They provide more exciting action to the casual players but also provide regulars with an opportunity to get some extra value from inflated pots with their skills. Poker formats like that make the room more popular and attract more players. It is essential for developing and maintaining the poker economy.

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