· Published 08.09.2020 · last updated 08.09.2020

Very soon, all players will have their unused WSOP satellite tickets converted into T$

The WSOP Online 2020 at GGPoker has come to an end, and a large number of players still have unused WSOP tickets that were awarded as prizes through the daily rake races from July to September.

Unused tickets will be converted to T$ during the week, according to GGPoker. With this T$, every player has the option to pay the buy-in for the normal MTTs, or you can buy into the famous Spin & Gold SNG, which is the fastest way to convert the whole thing into cash.

T $ cannot be converted into cash and, as mentioned, you can only use it to pay for the buy-ins at the MTT or Spin & Gold tables!

When exactly will the WSOP satellite tickets be converted?

According to our information, all tickets should be converted into T$ by September 14, 2020. If this is not the case for you, please contact GG Support on September 15, 2020, at

How long are the T$ valid and what can I play with them?

There is no expiry date, and you can take part in any MTT or SNG tournament as a player. The winnings are, of course, paid out in real money, and you can do what you want with the credit.

What’s the fastest way to convert T $ to cash?

Spin & Gold SNG is the fastest way to convert T$ because they are played in the super turbo format. Also, Spin & Gold SNG is very profitable. Many players choose this route because MTTs have more extended playing time. Of course, you are eligible to decide for yourself what to do with your available tournament dollars.

Can I convert T $ directly into cash and withdraw it without playing?

No, this is not possible! You have to use this at a tournament or SNG. T$ cannot be transferred or sold to other players, either.

How will future rake races in the GG network be paid out?

All rake races have been switched back to cash as prizes, as the WSOP 2020 online ended on September 6.

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