· Published 30.09.2020 · last updated 03.11.2020

We are available to our community 24/7 and through many different channels

YourPokerDream has set itself the goal of offering all players the best possible support, which is very different from the competition. First and foremost, speed is very important to us. E-mails are usually answered within 1-2 hours during normal office hours, often even after only 5-10 minutes. This refers to our German-speaking and also English-speaking support.

Our VIP support team can also be reached on weekends and public holidays by email and answers very quickly.

And of course we also have a forum where you always have the opportunity to ask any questions. However, the forum can only answer general questions and not answer questions about a specific player account.

Email for general inquiries:

VIP Support: * Our VIP Support only answers inquiries from players with VIP status, or players who are looking for a special VIP deal and generate a minimum of 1k rake per month.

Our live support via Skype or the Messenger Telegram is very popular

Of course you will also receive live support from us. You can reach our support team almost 16h per day via the Skype chat or Telegram. All your questions will be answered here in real time, which is very popular with our community.

Skype, you can download it easily and for free on your PC or mobile phone. Telegram Messenger is currently only available on your mobile phone. Regardless of what you choose, you will be connected to us live within 1-2 minutes.

Skype: vip-yourpokerdream

What else you should know when you contact us

If you have any concerns about any payments, outstanding bonuses, i.e. everything that has to do with finances, please always write directly to so that everything is processed properly.

Many news/ articles have a comment function. This is used to comment on the article and not to send us a contact request. Please always contact us by email or Skype / Telegram if you have any questions.

Important: We are an affiliate and we have no insight into the player accounts or can help with any things that concern a promotion directly from the poker room, also not with any technical problems. In these cases, please always contact the customer support of the respective poker room directly.

If there are any major problems that you cannot clarify with the provider’s support, we will of course be happy to help.





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