Anyone who has been in the poker scene for a bit longer has often heard the terms “Fish” and “Shark.” Before we get more specific about where to find them, we need to clarify what these words mean in poker.
Poker FishThe Poker Fish
A “fish” in poker is a very bad player who plays only for fun and does not worry too much about mathematical probabilities or strategies. The fish knows no bankroll management, and also likes to play different variants.

The more fish there are at a table, the more money you can earn. Any good or reasonably ambitious poker player is always looking to find a suitable table with one or more fish.
Poker SharkThe Shark
In the animal world, sharks are feared predators who eat smaller fish. The world of poker is no different: a “shark” is a very good and professional player who constantly chases the fish in order to take their money. Sharks avoid each other and try to stay out of the way of other sharks whenever possible. In the big poker sea, there are enough fish for all poker sharks to find enough food.

How do I recognize fish and sharks?

A typical poker fish will never recognize a shark, because a fish does not have the game understanding to identify a good player. Sharks, on the other hand, notice quickly who the other players at the table are. They pay attention to the playing style of their opponents, and watch their chat activity. Another crucial factor is whether you already have any stats or information from the past about a player. Nowadays, programs such as Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker are the basic equipment of every player who gets involved in a more professional way. These programs record every hand ever played by any player and create various statistics on how they play. They will also tell you immediately if you have ever played with this player, and you can use the stats to analyze their style of play and thereby understand whether this is a fish or a shark.

There is a myth that every player who is at the tables very often is automatically a good player. This is, of course, complete nonsense, and does not really say anything about their game skill.

Where do I find the most fish?

This question is not that easy to answer. First of all, one can already say that there are enough fish at every online poker room. On the lower limits, the so-called micro limits, there are, of course, much more than on the higher limits. But even on the high limits you can find enough profitable players with a good table selection.

Apart from that, there are the “fish regs.” This refers to players who play very often (regulars) and are a mix between good and bad. You cannot call these players fish, but they are not very good players, either. A shark can make long term money even through such fish regs.

Returning to the topic of where you can find the most fish, which are, as we have already learned, the really bad players that bring us the most money, we have selected the top 8 online poker sites where you can find the most fish. In addition, you can expect a variety of promotions, great rakeback deals, and lots of action. With these providers, you will find an exceptionally high number of fish making poker even more profitable for you.

Insider Tip: BestPoker, GGPoker and Natutal8  from the GGPoker Network. You will find the most fish out of all poker sites here. The reason is that only here there is very big amount of asian hobby players, who are not able to play on other poker sites.

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