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· Published 28.06.2019 · last updated 28.06.2019

Top 5 new approaches to deal with the tilt

overcome the tiltIn our previous article, we had a closer look at a psychological effect called Tilt and found out how to recognize it as well as how it affects us.

Tilt can manifest itself in many ways, and there is no universal advice to overcome it. The first and the most vital step for fighting it is by recognizing that you are on tilt. You can find out more about how to define Tilt in our article “How to Recognize The Tilt.”

What causes Tilt

Tilt can come in many forms from the bad beat to simple table talks. Psychological games as poker require you to improve yourself in every area of your personality. The emotional aspect of the poker game is as important as your skills or technique you use while playing. Because tilt is an integral part of the game, you should be emotionally stable.

  • Bad beat. This the most common type of tilt when you play correctly and your opponent is not, but in the end, he wins, and you left frustrated. Needless to say, that such long-term psychological afflictions can make your tilt worse and your bankroll go bust.
  • Long-term downswing. You might have made excellent decisions during your SNG session, but probability theory does not work in your favor right now.
  • Table/chat talk. As long as the poker game has a huge element of psychological warfare, trash talks will be used as one of the best weapons. The best way is to ignore it. If you feel such conversations influence your condition, stick the headphones on, close the chat, or walk away from the table to clear your mind. Don`t forget – the key to success in poker is not to pretend that tilt doesn’t affect you, but to recognize it in the very beginning.

5 strategies to overcome the Tilt

  1. Don’t Get Emotional

Getting emotional when you are on tilt most probably will become a severe problem. You should never play poker when you aren’t stable emotionally. You need to have a clear head to get back on track. If you find yourself getting physically aggressive, or rushing to chase your losses, take a break.

  1. Predict Your Downswings

The downswing is a part of the poker game. You should accept it by understanding. Read some books, watch your favorite poker player stream that helps you realize the nature of downswings. Once you will understand it, your reaction won`t be so sharp, and you can even expect them.

Gus Hansen is known to be one of the best poker players, but he suffered an online dip that equaled to $11 million before he was able to sort things out.

  1. Learn to Recognize The Tilt

This is the fundamental skill you need to beat the Tilt. Control your inner state and listen to your body. Having tilt at the early stage protects you from further loses and take not long to come back to the game with a clear mind.

  1. Keep On Doing the Right Things

You can avoid being subjected to tilt if you were on the right thing. You can also Play solid and ABC poker, which are good ways to deal with bad times. You know it’s a safe way to guarantee a steady long-term ROI. And because of that, hitting bad beats can be easier to deal with.

This is also fair for your financial situation. If you go bust at a certain point and don’t have the bankroll management to recover, it will surely elevate the tilt. However, having good control over your bankroll can help with the downswings.

  1. Take a Break

Taking a break from poker for a few days is an excellent way to recharging the batteries. Don`t think you will lose smth these days or hours you may need to come back to a reasonable condition. Moreover, such actions will help you to prevent further money loses and helps to grow mentally by controlling your emotions.

You can try relaxing and also meditate. Additionally, you can find out some apps with poker technics or probably, you turn on calm music and take some minutes to keep to yourself. Anyway of a break when you can relax mentally such as walking or having holidays will help you to cope with the tilt.

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