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· Published 23.07.2020 · last updated 31.07.2020

Multiaccounting in online poker

Cheating in online poker

Online poker comes with lots of benefits such as comfort and simplicity. But there is one thing that brings disgust when it comes to playing online poker and that’s the presence of cheaters.

Many players play online poker without the intention to con anyone, but they are some with the sole aim of winning pots through devious methods. Though many poker websites try to make sure the tables are fair enough for players, some players try outsmarting others with tools that allow them to cheat when they play online without anyone taking note of them.

Hence, to beat these cheaters at the tables, the best thing for you to do is to know how they operate. In this article, we have gathered some tricks for you to take note.

  • Multiple Accounts

There are lots of players that create multiple accounts just to win at the tables on poker sites. Although many poker sites punish players with multiple accounts, still, it hasn’t stopped these cheaters from perpetrating their evil.

Multiple accounts aren’t a concern for only poker sites alone, online poker players also suffer from it. Imagine someone having two accounts playing at a cash game table; instead of seeing only two hole cards like every other player at the table, you would see four hole cards. Additionally, if such player plays in live tournaments such as SNGs, he would be having two lives instead of one like every other player. This is not fair for other players at the tables.

  • Use of Poker Bots

Although there are lots of players that don’t believe in the use of bots in online poker, there are lots of proofs to show that some players use bots to play. For example, at the University of Alberta in Canada, Polaris – a poker bot – defeated lots of expert poker players at heads-up fixed limit Texas Hold’em cash games.

Cheaters make use of bots to have more advantage when they play, even without moving a hand. The bot has been designed to play every hand and make decisions – the cheater may provide additional information to the bot depending on the play – to increase the winning chances. Bots have no emotions and they never get tired. Lots of poker sites such as partypoker frown against the use of bots, and they have adequate mechanisms to ensure the use of bots is eradicated.

  • Use of A “Ghost” Coach

This is a situation where cheaters ask for the assistance of a professional poker player or a coach while playing. These cheaters make use of apps like Skype, to communicate with a ghost coach while they play online. The ghost coach – in return – helps them make tough decisions. For an opponent who is an ordinary poker player, it is impossible to win, because you are playing against professional players.

  • Conniving

In this cheating method, two or players combine, without other players knowing what is going on. These cheaters connive together to win large financial benefits and share with each other.

When online players connive together, they share their hole cards as well as their strategies via Skype, telephone, or other instant messaging applications.

  • Hole-card Cheats

Hole-card cheaters are one of the most dreaded types of poker cheats. It is important to know that a hole-card cheat is a player that can play perfectly against other opponents since they have access to opponents’ hole-cards. Hole-card cheaters have access to their opponents’ hole-card through a backdoor in the poker client, especially in the case of corrupt employees being able to have access to every player information. It can also occur through the use of malware to hack other players’ hole-card information, and also through a social-engineering attack that involves screen-sharing software.

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