The extreme adjustments at Natural8 for affiliates

The news that Natural8 adjusts affiliate deals i.e. changes in calculations, appeals to some and not to us at all. The adjustments don’t make sense either. As always, we want to communicate transparently this with our community through this post

What are the changes from now on?

As from now, the calculation regarding a player’s Netrake will be changed. To make it a bit easier for you to understand, let’s go back to the old calculation.

Old Netrake calculation at Natural8: $ 1,000 rake (PVI already deducted) – $ 400 fish buffet – $200 welcome bonus – $ 40 transaction fees ($ 1,000 deposit) = $360 Netrake

The affiliate receives his commission from this $360. To make it easy, let’s say 50%. The affiliate would receive $180 and would have to finance his promotions/deals from this money.

New calculation Netrake at Natural8: $ 1,000 rake (PVI already deducted) – $400 Fish Buffet = $ 600 Netrake. But …

Let’s say again the affiliate gets 50%, which in this example would be $300. From that $300, about $200 in welcome bonus and $40 in transaction fees will be deducted. This means that the affiliate only earns $60 ($ 120 less than before) and therefore, there is no much space left for any special promotions/deals. Let’s not forget that we only assumed a deposit of just $1,000 in this example. If the deposit is higher and there is also a withdrawal, an affiliate comes to a loss at the end of the day.

The official statement from natural8:

We are sorry about how the changes have affected you. Please take note that this decision was made by GGNetwork in an effort to streamline the calculations across all network skins. This is to reduce unhealthy competition and provide an even playing field

YPD comment: This statement is total nonsense! Where in the world does an affiliate pays 100% of the costs of the transaction fees and the welcome bonus in a player field?

The real hammer is the transaction fees

That leaves you speechless, doesn’t it? The 100% up to $600 welcome bonus was anyway removed and replaced by the $100 WSOP tickets, but these tickets are also considered a welcome bonus.

But what is really outrageous is that the affiliate has to pay the transaction fees 100% themselves. Are you serious Natural8? Natural8 takes 4% fees for each deposit (also via BTC) and 1% for each withdrawal and they want that we pay 100% of this costs!!!

What changes for YPD players?

Due to these changes, we are of course forced to adjust our exclusive promotions and deals. All Natural8 VIP deals regarding our GG Poker VIP Chase will end immediately and all players will take part in our 25k Main Rake Race. It is also possible that we are forced to exclude all players from our 25k Main Rake Race.

We highly recommend to stop immediately to play at Natural8 and choose one of our other many poker partner sites!

We regret these steps, but unfortunately we have no other choice. Should anything change at Natural8, we will of course inform you immediately.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you use Neteller (€), ecoPayz (€) or BTC as a payment method, please manage your deposits and withdrawals through us as an agent, as this helps everyone and we all save the crazy fees.

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