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As you already know we have been hacked around 2 weeks ago that’s why we had a bit troubles. After the investigation we found out that one of our Russian players is involved in this attacks, whose name is Leonid Revzin. He is also using name and passport of Ivan Ivanov.

To protect ourselves and our community we want to inform you about this guy and what exactly happened. He try to spam in different forums .This guy is well known in the German community since he cheated few players with different stakings and other stuff long time ago. He use a lot of different names, especially at the Pokerstrategy Forum.

We have frozen all bonuses of this player because we found out that he uses another account with his friend together. Accounts Sharing is against the rules of the poker rooms and YourPokerDream. We want to keep the table fair and will not accept account sharing, collusion or any other activities which break the terms and conditions of the poker rooms or YPD.

We gave the player a chance to apologize for all done and offered him to find the solution if he accepts his mistake and behave normal. Instead of changing his behavior and to understand his mistake he started to attack and threaten us that he will go to the police, post in all forums and hack our page with a Dos attack if we don’t pay him all immediately. He got the answer that he is free to do this all, because we do nothing bad and have no reason to be afraid.

Unfortunately Leonid found someone who helped him to attack us in a crime forum. It is obvious that we informed the police in Germany and Russia that we start legal action since we have a passport copy of him and his friend. We don’t expect any result from Russia but in Germany we should have a better chance.

This players got an official information that he is banned for the lifetime at YourPokerDream and all his pending bonuses are hold due to violation of Terms and Conditions to cover the expenses which we had because of his attack.

Please inform YourPokerDream immediately if you get any information about it. We will honor every information about this guy.

Thanks for your understanding and please always help us to keep the tables fair. It is common interest of every player and community!

Kind regards,

YPD Team

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