· Published 07.07.2022 · last updated 09.07.2022

Dear Community,

due to some changes in partypoker vip system since 20th June 2022 all YPD points are wrong.

It used to be relatively easy, the 1$ rake was 1 partypoker point and therefore automatically 1 ypd point.

Due to the changes that were not really communicated to us, the old calculations are wrong, as there are now different numbers of partypoker points depending on the game type. All deals/promotions/races must be recalculated for June. This will take a few days, but we are doing our best to correct everything as soon as possible.

Please note that the number of YPD points for July is also incorrect and everything is currently being calculated incorrectly. We are looking for a solution as soon as possible. VIP Deals are all terminated with immediate effect until further notice, as we have to recalculate everything, especially because of the new rakeback program and VIP Diamond for spins players.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will do our best to clarify everything as soon as possible.

Best regards

YourPokerDream Team

Update 09.07.2022

Partypoker has changed its strategy and is now more focused on casual players, hence all the changes.

It’s unfortunately impossible for us to calculate everything correctly and to make it as fair as possible we’ve taken the average of payments for all players over the last 6 months and credited you all with an average for June based on the last few months.

VIP Deals are terminated until further notice. We will continue to let all players participate in our 25k Main Rake Race, but we will need to adjust the calculation of YPD points. Unfortunately, it is currently no longer possible for us to know how much rake a player has generated because of the new partypoker vip system and the fact that every player receives a different amount of points. We are working on a solution with partypoker regarding this so that they maybe can provide us with a manual rake report. But we are not sure if that’s something that partypoker wants.

The YPD points for July are still incorrect and will be adjusted to the new calculation for our 25k Main Rake Race in the next few days.

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