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We at YourPokerDream want to constantly improve, become better known and we want to reward loyal players to help them to play some live events. As part of our Live Sponsorship Promotion, we have choosen 5 players to represent YourPokerDream in 2018 at various live events. With each player we have made a short interview to know a bit more about them.

We start with a player from our German-speaking community who is known under the nickname 2mark. We are very happy to welcome Tim in our player team and look forward to the year 2018.


Interview from 07th January 2018

YourPokerDream: Hi Tim, thank you very much for taking the time to give us this interview. We are happy that you are part of our player team for 2018. How long have you been playing poker or online poker?

2mark: Hello, I am glad to be part of the player team. I’ve been playing poker for almost 10 years now. Should have been so 2008/2009 when I first played online

YourPokerDream: Wow, 10 years is quite a lot. So you are one of the old guys who was already playing in the golden time as some people call it. Do you think poker has changed a lot when you compare the game today compared to 10 years ago?

2mark: Well, the golden tim started after ChrisMoneymaker won the WSOP Main Event. I think that was in 2003. i have heard some stories that happened at Party Poker while time. Unfortunately, I did not play Party Poker in that time when US traffic was still accepted at PartyPOker.. The good players printed money at the time. Of course the action has decreased a bit over the years, which happen also because of the Black Friday. The game has become a bit tougher for sure, the bad players learn a bit about the game or fall out of the player pool, because they have noticed that it makes no sense for them. But if you’re a not lazy and make some content to improve your game, it’s definitely good to beat

YourPokerDream: That means poker is not dead as some people say?

2mark: No definitely not! Especially at tournaments on the Low/Midstakes are still quite a lot of fish. In the cash game it is a bit different. Sometimes there are 6 regulars on the 6max table and then the edges get  of course smaller But if you make a bit table selection and play on different sites it is not a problem.

YourPokerDream: Most players are known to play Texas No Limit Hold’em. As far as I know, you’ve specialized in a very different variant, which is PLO8. Why PLO8 and not the variant where there are the most traffic and tournaments?

2mark: Of course I also started with Holdem. At the beginning I always played SNGs and then at some point I accidentally registered for a PLO8 SNG. I also won that directly without even knowing the poker rules, haha. Then i decided to use a bit time to understand this variant and as soon as i understood this variant better, i noticed that the players are really bad and even the good regulars were in my opinion bad at that time. This has not changed much, there are of course some good players, but most winning players are not such good players in my opinion. No good players is maybe not the right word, let me say they still have a lot of leaks.

YourPokerDream: Of course that makes sense that you concentrate mainly on this variant. Do you play still Holdem sometimes? What was your biggest cash so far at a tournament (If that’s no secret)?

2mark: Yes i play a Hold’em tournament from time to time. mostly on Sundays when the majors are running. In the past more often than nowadays. In 2011, I made a deal on the 750k on Full Tilt 3 handed for 66k and 72k for 2 weeks in a row. That was a very solid month ? These were my biggest profits so far. But in pl8/nlo8 I have already reached 5 SCOOP and 3 WCOOP Final Tables. Unfortunately, it has not been enough to win so far.

YourPokerDream: Thats is not so bad ?  To win such a tournament you need of course also a bit luck. Nevertheless, that’s a great cash and the game makes then for sure more fun. Let’s hope you can repeat that in 2018. Okay, let’s come to our last two questions. What are your goals for 2018?

2mark: In 2016 and 2017 I did not play much. This year I want to make more action and sometimes I have a few tilt problems. I would like to manage this tilt problem better  and I would like to deal more with plo high. This type of game can also be very fun and the players sometimes have a lot of leaks. And I want to win a live event for YPD.

YourPokerDream: Then we hope that the year 2018 will be very successful for you. :) Is it really that hard, that you still come after 10 years on tilt, although you have already experienced all the swing etc a thousand times?

2mark: I do not know, sometimes that happens. It used to be very bad. There were times when I pushed all hands on Tilt for a few minutes, thanks god it is not anymore. But sometimes it happens again that I play a hand wrong because I’m on tilt. But it has already become much better.

YourPokerDream: So you have already improved :) It’s all about real money and often not a little, it understandable if someone loses their nerves and brain for a short period. Let’s come to our last question. You’re only a few months with YPD. How did you even find the way to us? And why did it happen that you have given us your trust, although some rumors are circulating (a part of them are unfortunately true) that do not shed a good light on us

2mark: I was even younger then! :) I play a lot on the Winning Poker network right now and just looked for some interesting rake races and that’s how I found YPD. The contact via skype was always very friendly, helpful and open-minded. You’ve honestly told me from the beginning what went wrong in the past, but that you are good way since this time. I trusted you and I got not disappointed. Everyone deserves a second chance

YourPokerDream: Then we would like to thank you for your trust and wish you a very successful year 2018 and a victory at a live event for you :) Thank you Tim for taking the time for this interview.

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