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We at YourPokerDream want to constantly improve, become better known and we want to reward loyal players to help them to play some live events. As part of our Live Sponsorship Promotion, we have choosen 5 players to represent YourPokerDream in 2018 at various live events. With each player we have made a short interview to know a bit more about them.

Yesterday we already published the interview with our user 2mark and today it continues with another user from our German community. Steffen is known by YPD as alvinchipmunk and has been part of our community for 6 years.

Interview from 07th January 2018

YourPokerDream: Hi Steffen, thank you very much for taking the time to give us a short interview. We are happy that you are part of our player team for 2018. How long have you been playing poker or online poker?

alvinchipmunk: Hi, your welcome. I am pleased that you have considered me for your team and that things at YPD become bettet and better. Oh god, I’ve been playing for so long that I almost do not know it anymore. Since mid 2007, as far as I know.

YourPokerDream: Respect, so solid 11 years of online poker. So you have lived through the golden times. In your opinion, how much has the game changed when you compare it to today?

alvinchipmunk: Yes, you can say so. When I think back to the years 2007-2010 with the US players, the French and the Italians, my heart is jumping. Those were nice times and everybody would like to have them back. The game has changed a lot. Roughly speaking, you were able to play with simple chart in front of you, correct selection of starting hands and a little bit push or fold and you were the hero in the tent. In the present this does not work anymore or maybe just at the micro stakes.

YourPokerDream: Do you think online poker is dead?

alvinchipmunk: Well the poker rules everybody know already. ? No, whoever says online poker is dead has no idea or sees everything too negative. Of course it has become more difficult as there are hundreds of online poker schools, you can find free content and all the regulations in the world do not make it any easier. Nevertheless, you can still beat the game, whether cash game, SNG or MTTs. I’m still surprised how many regulars still have such strong leaks in theit game, especially in SNG or MTT format.

YourPokerDream: Do you only play SNG and MTT tournaments, or do you occasionally play cash games?

alvinchipmunk: I mainly play SNG heads up to $ 50 and MTT tournaments up to $ 209. I used to play 6max Turbo SNG, but if you want to get enough traffic starting at $ 20+ then you have to move to Heads Up. I never played cash games! I just like the tournament format and since it works well for years, it makes no sense for me to change.

YourPokerDream: Of course that makes sense if you’ve been playing SNG or MTT tournaments for such a long time, that you’ll stick to it. What was your biggest cash so far at a tournament (If that’s no secret)?

alvinchipmunk: I once had a cash on two big tournaments on PokerStars of around 15k each (2nd and 4th place) and at PartyPoker it was also a second place with a big major which gave me 16k. I still remember it like yesterday how unlucky i was in the heads up. I got 2 times in a row a 3 outer and lost all my stack, otherwise I would win it. But is already a long time ago and i can live with it.

YourPokerDream: Well 3 times around 15k cash is not so bad :) Let’s hope that you can increase it in 2018. Okay, let’s get to our last two questions. What are your goals for 2018?

alvinchipmunk: Make some big cash again at a major MTT ? .I would like to move up to the $ 100 Heads Up and establish myself there. Had a few shots in the past but lets say it was not so successful.

YourPokerDream: Then we wish you that you will reach both goals and perhaps you even move up to the 200$ games at the Heads Up tournaments ?

alvinchipmunk: Yeah that would be super nice, so I would be more than happy. Most important for me is to move up the $ 100 Heads Up SNG, as I earn my money with it. If i can play at the end 200$ games i will not say No. In poker is better to be more realistic and expect not to much.

YourPokerDream: How much money you can make as a HU SNG player and are not the swings extremely big?

alvinchipmunk: I just can say i am happy with my profit ? Of course it depends on your ROI, how many tables you play and all the stuff.  Oh yes, the swings especially on the super turbos are  really huge. You can even drop 100 buy ins if the poker god is not your friend. You should have a solid bankroll management and be clear in your mind and be able to deal with a downswing. It is a part of the game.

YourPokerDream: Yes, that’s not so nice when you just drop 100 buy ins. Let’s come to our last question. You’ve been with YPD for years and have seen good and bad times. It’s no secret that in the past a few things have happened that should not happen and do not shed a good light on YPD. Why did you continue to trust us?

alvinchipmunk: Well, what should I say. I can not and will not judge what and why certain things happened. In the meantime, I had about 8k open bonuses on my account and that was not a easy time and to trust, but I somehow had the feeling that everything will be fine with the time and that it makes no sense to make big terror, as probably other people decided to do. I knew that I would help YPD with the rake I generate as well as myself. And the present proves me right, as everything has turned out well. Go ahead with the way you have been going for almost 2 years and everyone is happy.

YourPokerDream: We appreciate your loyalty and thank you for your trust as a player, which you have been giving us for 6 years now. And thank you for your time for this interview.

alvinchipmunk: My pleasure. It was very quick

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