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Estrellas Poker Tour 6  in Barcelona

18.08 – 24.08.2015 in Casino Barcelona

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{row}{col9}ypd s Recently you visited Estrella Poker Tour in Barcelona for being sponsored by YourPokerDream community. Would you please share with us your opinion and emotions from organization of the tournament? You have obviously a lot of live-tournament to compare with.

Frunzerman s Estrella Poker Tour has been held as the part of EPT Barcelona 2015, that’s why the organization is common. However there were some difficulties with registration at the Day 1, since we stayed in long turn for more than 2 hours because of so much people and some technical issues in the system of tournament organizers. But such troubles can happen even in World Serious of Poker, so we forgive them this bug. Everything else has been held on highish plateau.

ypd s The Day 1 have been split into 3 parts: 1A, 1B and 1C. You played at Day 1C. How do you think, is there any difference which day to select for play, A or maybe C? 

Frunzerman s The tournament, which has couple of entry days, moreover which opens the EPT, I prefer to play at the Day 1 for 3 reasons:
1.           MTT is quite dispersive subject, that’s why the ability to play one more entry in Day 1 is for sure a plus, because this tournament gathers big number or hobby players.
2.           In first play day of the event the game of players may seem more relaxed, simply because they have option to re-entry next day to play 1B and 1C. Such physiology can possibly lead mistakes in the first play day. That’s just my opinion and observation from other European and American live tournaments.
3.           I think the players at first days were easier than on last day, since the most of strong players came for the beginning of EPT itself, which has started closed to Day 3 of Estrella Poker Tour. 

ypd s In general, which level of players have gathered on the ESPT 6 this time? Was it a hard competition or maybe middle one in comparison with other tournaments you played before?

Frunzerman s Actually in any tournament with so many players and comparably low buy-in (for live-tournaments) there are a lot of hobby players. The concentration of good ones compacts more to the end of tournament. Unfortunately this time I did not manage to stay for the game with more professional audience in late part of tournament and left the game at Day 1. Two times the luck got on hobby player’s side. Two times in this tournament I have been called up in river by guys, who had 2-4 outs against my hand, however received unbelievable combinations….

ypd s Of course, we understand that there a lot of hobby players who are actually not that much skilled in making decisions based on calculated chances and poker strategies, but simply “relying on the magic of the stars”. It happens in offline MTTs. Can you please share your nearest plans with us? Maybe you have some already planned events?

Frunzerman s “Relying on the magic of the stars” sounds good indeed.  Yes, such players happen quite often, but their main mistake is not being able to recognize correct diapason of hands of their opponent, and weak bet sizing.
As for example, in Barcelona I played one side event, where the curious situation happened to me. Bubble, I am on BB (my stack is around 26BB). From SB (nearly 20BB) a guy pushes 12000, while the blinds are 3000 (4x), having AT I could overcover him by stack and simply bet him on hard, since there were a lot of short stacks on other tables (our stacks were pretty equal). I took a time to think over, and looking on his sizing, I asked him in joke, – Are you Italian? Why you show up 4xBB from SM? (it’s well known how “temperamental Italian players” are). He was so astonished and replied – Yes. How you know?… Of course I did not reply on it, but whole table was laughing :)
Even though there were so many hobby players, still some of poker legends and famous players visited us, such as Elky and Engenyi Kachalov were sitting on nearest 2 tables. Also there was one more celebrity which everybody were talking photo with, but personally I don’t know him… And, no doubts, while playing among famous players the game motivation to be reasonable grows up. This year I plan to play EPT Prague in December, all other time I will be grinding online. 

ypd s This story with Italian player is terrific!
YourPokerDream would like to thank you for taking part in Estrellas Poker Tour 6 in Barcelona. We are very happy to introduce our community to the wide range of poker players. We are looking forward to cooperating more and more with talented poker players. YPD team is sure that altogether we can achieve big success. Thank you so much for the interview.




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