{col4}sponsored player on ESPT{/col}{col8}{panel-white}Interview with YourPokerDream player Inkvi

Estrellas Poker Tour 6  in Barcelona

18.08 – 24.08.2015 in Casino Barcelona

Sponsored by YourPokerDream{/panel}{/col}

{row}{col9}ypd s Dear Inkvi, how long have you been playing through YouPokerDream community?

inkvi s I suppose from September 2013. 

ypd s Was Estrellas Poker Tour the first live-tournament you have been sponsored by YourPokerDream?

inkvi s For the moment, yes.

ypd s Have you been participating on live tournaments before? If yes, then which one?

inkvi s I have been playing couple of middle tournaments on EPT Prague 2014. This year I visited Las Vegas for WPT500.

ypd s So it means you have what to compare with. In your opinion, how was the organization of ESPT6 Barcelona this time?

inkvi s All was pretty quote-worthy. However the organizers might have not rated up the number of desired participants, that’s why it came up there were different play arias in the Casino Barcelona. But all-together tournament has been held good. Last year his tournament gathered around 2700 player, in comparison with this year approximate 3500. It means, the tournament gets more and more attention and popularity. 

ypd s Exactly, this year the Barcelona ESPT 6 gathered 3292 participants, which is the record for this poker series. As we know, you played at Day 1C. Please share your opinion how professional or what poker level the players had on your tables?

inkvi s Well, the general impression seemed very middle leveled. There were quite a lot of fresh/new players. But most audience were middle players, and I would consider myself among them. Next day we had more strong game, so I got 2 profy players on my table.

ypd s No doubts, that ESPT gathered a bunch of legendary and famous players. Have you seen any of them? For example, Neymar?

inkvi s I saw only ElkY and Yevgeni Kachalov. :)

ypd s As we all know, you successfully passed the day 1C and got chance to play at Day 2. What was the stack you started the Day 2?

inkvi s 102000, its more than middle stack.

ypd s Day 2 had higher concentration of good players, because some newbies were dropped out at the Day 1. Since you overcame so many players at Day 1, maybe you can share couple of mistakes they made while playing?

inkvi s In comparison with good online players, most of off-line ones are not that much familiar with mathematic in poker. That’s why there are making a lot of loose calls, hoping the draw will come.

ypd s Are you playing online MTTs?

inkvi s I started obtaining this aria more deeply only from this summer. Now I am working on climbing up by limits. 

ypd s By playing ESPT 6 in Barcelona you managed to pass to the Day 2, which was actually prize-pool start day. This time 487 TOP places were payed. What was your out-position?

inkvi s I was blown away at around 550-600 place… But next time I am aiming to get to the prized places. 

ypd s This is very good results. We are sure, that next tournament prize-pool is yours. How many Russian players seems to be in Barcelona ESPT this year?

inkvi s Oh yes, there were lots of players from Russian speaking countries. Last year in Czech were quite a lot as well. 

ypd s We heard that this year not much sponsor-stands were performed. How you compare it with Prague?

inkvi s Well, in Prague was obviously more stands… not sure why here was not so. And I will not even compare with tournament in Las Vegas. J

ypd s How have you been analyzing your chances to get into prize-top during the play? Of course these confidence changes within the tournament Level. But did it seem for you real?

inkvi s In the beginning of Day 2 I had pretty good stack to stay even till prize-payed places. But the situation came up where I had chance to win much bigger pot and climb up higher. I took a risk, after which the board draw I could not get off from… The result you know already.

ypd s It is quite obvious that for every poker player the goal is to get to the final table more than in top prize-payed places. Obviously there were not a way to tilt anymore as in Day 1. That’s why we completely agree with your opinion and choice. We are very thankful for taking part in Estrellas Poker Tour 6 event from YourPokerDream community and helping us to grow and reach the world-wide poker targets.

inkvi s Thank you for the opportunity to be sponsored on this tournament! I hope to take part in couple of more tournaments from you and reach higher result together!!!{/col}{col3}espt1



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