iPoker Network changes

iPoker Network changes

Dear Community, we want to update you about the current changes at the iPoker Network.

We are sorry to inform you that the changes to the new SBR model effect all players from the iPoker network and not as everybody thought just cash game players. As you already know different ipoker rooms like Winner Poker for example had to reduce their vip systems. We from YourPokerDream expect that all other ipoker rooms have to do this latest on the 01.March 2015. We want to try to explain all in a few words why every poker room has to reduce their vip systems and deals.

In the past it was so that if a player generate 1.000$ rake/fees, the poker room got 1.000$. With the new SBR calculation this changed and a player which generate 1.000$ rake/fees, will bring a poker room at the end perhaps just 500-700$. That means a poker room is not able anymore to pay such a player 60-70%(600-700$) rakeback from this 1.000$, if the earning is just 500$. This is the the reason why especially all the iPoker romms which have to many winnings players, are forced to reduce their vip systems and deals immediately. Rooms like William Hill for example will feel this changes not so much because they have a nice balance between regular and hobby players, but also they have no other choice as to reduce soon their vip systems and offers.

Also for us as affiliate it means that different things change. If the poker room get less money for a winning player which rake 1.000$ then of course also we get less commission for such players. We are at the moment on it to review all our promotions and deals and it is possible that we also have to reduce soon our promotions and offers, especially for our iPoker players.

We can promise you that we will still offer you the best deals at the market and we are already working to create some special deals with our iPoker partner rooms.

Important: Please not that some of our iPoker players think maybe that they got to less points in our leaderbaords. We can assure you all numbers are correct, just iPoker changed already to the SBR Calculation and as we already explained 1.000$ rake/fee are not automatically 1.000$ rake/fee as you all know it from the past. We include all numbers so to the leaderbaords as we get it from the poker rooms.

If you have any kind of questions so contact please our VIP Support Team!

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