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What are the prospects of the iPoker network in the future?

The question of whether the iPoker network is about to end has been trending in poker industry for quite some time. With the sudden change of CoralPoker, within just a week from iPoker to the PartyPoker network, we do not feel any better for iPoker.

The change itself is not a surprise because Coral is already part of GVC Limited. Much more thinking gives one the notion that there were some disagreements in the background. That’s not all! Understandably, Ladbrokes (partner of CoralPoker) recently confirms its switch to PartyPoker network that will take place in the first quarter of 2020. No doubt, iPoker now loses two significant and long-term partners within a short time.

If you look at the facts, you can see that since 2015, iPoker switched to the SBR Rakeback model, which resulted in a continuous decline in the number of players on its network. There are many reasons to explain this decline. The software has evolved, but it’s also sluggish and not as good as other vendors; there is still a bot problem, and they haven’t done anything to solve these problems.

IPoker’s support system is nothing to write home about. The network hasn’t reached its full height.

Apart from the Twister Sit & Go tournaments (Spin & Go), there is no reasonable reason why a player should play at iPoker if he can also play in the GG Poker network or the PartyPoker network. The average monthly number of cash game players in iPoker is just 550 players. With such numbers, iPoker ranks 11-13 in terms of global traffic, according to pokescout figures.

With the loss of CoralPoker and then also Ladbrokes, the iPoker network will be passed on and find itself with a weekly average of about 400-450 players on rank 15-20.

Is the closure already sealed or is there still hope for iPoker?

At the moment, it’s hard to imagine iPoker getting back on the curve. The last few years have just broken a lot. Many iPoker lovers cling to the hope that some of the Microgaming (MPN) skins will find their way to iPoker as soon as the MPN network closes its doors on May 20, 2020. Of course, this is within the realms of possibility, but switching all MPN skins to iPoker and bringing so much is also speculation. Yes, it hurts, but If you are smart, you will try to join the GG network.

But let’s retake MPN as an example and compare it with iPoker. Of course, MPN was never as big as iPoker, but despite being on the market for a long time with an excellent reputation in the scene, it didn’t not the heights it’s supposed to reach due to specific reasons.

When the network’s 2020 shutdown was announced, the 7-day average was barely 350 cash game players. It’s precisely this area that iPoker will be heading for after the removal of Coral and Ladbrokes.

Closing the iPoker network is more than unlikely, but it’s good to assume that it will gradually disappear into oblivion and be placed somewhere in the back. Only right when another large provider decides to change. The air is getting tighter for the iPoker, and it has to do something fast to allow players get back to playing on the network.

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