· Published 31.10.2020 · last updated 03.11.2020

Dear community,

As some of you have already noticed, there seems to be an error in the GGPoker stats for 10/30/2020. Almost 200 players got YPD points deducted because the report for yesterday shows a negative value for almost all players.

At the moment we do not know whether this is an error or some data that was simply imported too late for days. However, we strongly assume that it is a mistake.

We have already reported this to GGPoker and assume that this will be corrected at the beginning of next week.

Thank you for your understanding!

Best regards

YourPokerDream Team

Update 03.11.2020 (All solved)

The October numbers are correct and the confusion arose from a background change in GGPoker. Deductions are now made when a player earns a spin, not when the wheel is spun. Deductions were made for currently un-spun wheels players have accrued. Before it was only deducted on this day when the player used the spin.

Same for all players who have a black status and receive weekly cashback. Every day at GMT 00:00, system calculates the incurred FB points and deducts it automatically from the netrake of a player even if he did not receive the weekly cashback. Before the system deducted the cashback only on Mondays when the player received it to his account.

This change was made both to accommodate the new FB ranks, and to limit mass bonus abuse. For us as affiliate, this is a fantastic change because it saves a lot of work to check if players used all their fish buffet spins. Even if it was not allowed some players always tried to be tricky and to save fish buffet spins for the next month to have a higher netrake and receive a higher price from our exclusive GG VIP Rake Chase.


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