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· Published 13.08.2020 · last updated 13.08.2020

Monster Pot for almost one million at Naural8 from the GG Network

Fresh off qualifying for the final four of the $10k Heads-Up NLHE WSOP Championship, Michael Addamo proved he’s no stranger to high stakes after being involved in a massive hand on Natural8. This time though, Michael was not as fortunate ending up a loser to Wiktor “limitless” Malinowski.

The action during the WSOP has been hot and heavy on the GGPoker network on which Natural8’s VIP tables have seen some of the game’s best players clash in a number of huge pots. Addamo sits in third place for the all-time winner’s list for Australian poker players but in this private cash game held on August 11 he was up against Malinowski who is known for his completely fearless style of poker play.

Malinowski is a former handball player from Poland who switched to poker after experiencing an injury that derailed his professional handball hopes. Since emerging onto the scene, he’s racked up a fantastic record against some of the game’s best players.

The hand in question though played relatively straightforward. In a $500/$1000 blinds cash game (that also featured a $1000 ante), Addamo was dealt a pair of Kings only to later find out he was dominated by Malinowski’s pocket rockets. Addamo fired out bets on all the streets to allow Malinowski the chance to just call his way to what ended up being a $842,438 pot.

While there have been $1 million+ cash game pots won before, those have all been in Pot Limit Omaha so Malinowski can now claim the record for largest No Limit Hold’em cash game pot winner.

The large pot shatters the previous record for largest cash game pot according to Highstakes DB. That pot again had a familiar Aces over Kings result as two high stakes poker legends, Tom “durrr” Dwan and Di “urindanger” Dang, butted heads with Dwan’s Kings foreshadowing Addamo’s loss. Dwan can now look back in solace that he only lost a $723,491 pot.

Tune in to GGPoker this Saturday as Addamo will try to claim back some of that monster loss as he tries to take down the $360k+ first prize and gold bracelet in the WSOP Heads-Up Championship.

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