Bitcoins in Poker Cryptocurrencies like bitcoins are getting stronger
Cryptocurrencies and especially bitcoins are becoming more and more prevalent in the financial world. The question arises why none of the major poker rooms except our partner BlackChipPoker, so far accepted crypto currencies. The leading poker rooms of the industry are still holding back, but it is expected that this may change in the future and some providers venture the step as well as BlackChipPoker.

There are in fact, many benefits in poker, ranging from increased security for consumers to businesses. Transactions are made super easy and fast. Smart Contracts, which are available for Ethereum and soon also to Bitcoins, are on their way to revolutionizing the poker world.

The question is still why the market leader in the scene does not accepted Bitcoin as a payment option?

Just recently, we reported about a new poker room called CoinPoker, which wants to completely change the poker industry and is based only on a cryptocurrency.

The reason is the strong value fluctuations

It is likely that the main reason are the unbelievable high value fluctuations. The value of bitcoins sometimes changes extreme in several hours. Especially the last months there were price fluctuations of between 20-30% per day. Anyone who owned $ 100 in bitcoins 7 years ago would have now unbelievable 72 million, according to the current price. Only in 2017 the value of bitcoins has increased ten times more.

Of course, taking this aspect it is understandable why most poker rooms  are still waiting and analyzing the development. If someone would pay € 50 at the current level, the value could have doubled before the player even played one single hand. Of course, operators could use that for their own benefit as well, but it makes no sense for providers to take any risk at this moment.

Bitcoins are very popular in the poker scene

A lot of poker players have been working with bitcoin for some time now and some have been jumping on the train for a while. As soon as there are strong price fluctuations in any direction, the topic is especially on Twitter on everyone’s lips.

Trading has been compared to poker for a long time, because there are certain similarities.


There are positive and negative aspects. The fact is that bitcoin is changing the world, and so the poker industry is eventually forced to deal with this topic. Whether this is because the price is not fluctuating so much, or because the form of payment is just so big that you can not ignore it.

Sign up at BlackChipPoker and use bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies

As already described in this article, Black Chip Poker is the only major poker operator which accepts bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Sign up over  YourPokerDream and benefit from numerous exclusive extras.



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