The MTT League Promotion for Online Poker

From now on Tournament Players also get a real benefit of MTT League Promotion from YourPokerDream. We run a monthly MTT Leaderboard for all our tournament players.

MTT League Promotion

Every player with a tracked YourPokerDream account takes part in it. All that you have to do is to play at MTT with more than 100 players and reach the final table ( Buyin must be equal or higher than 5$ ). Depending on the position you reach in the tournament – you will get points for our leaderboards. There is $5.000 yearly and $1.500 monthly leaderboard you can score with. 

The Points you get for your place are the following:

1.Place = 20 Points
2.Place = 10 Points
3.Place =  8 Points
4.Place =  7 Points
5.Place =  6 Points
6.Place =  5 Points
7.Place = 4 Points
8.Place = 3 Points
9.Place = 2 Points
10.Place = 1 Points

Buy-in $20+ = +2 Bonus points
Buy-in $50+ = +5 Bonus points
500+ Players = + 2 Bonus points
750+ Players = + 4 Bonus points

Please note: A player must send us within 72 hours after the end of the tournament a screenshot from the tournament lobby where the place the Buyin and a number of players who participate are visible. After 72 hours, the player will not get this tournament rated in our leaderboards anymore. Please send the screenshot to [email protected] or via skype to our VIP Support team.

Update: Both leaderboards will be updated 1 – 2 times a week.

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