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· Published 13.03.2020 · last updated 14.03.2020

Negreanu Asks for The Legalization of Online Poker Amidst COVID-19As the world is in shock because of the pandemic virus COVID-19, more poker tournaments have been canceled. GG Poker professional Daniel Negreanu has asked the US government to legalize online poker.

He shared this through a podcast with Co-host Terrance Chan: “For most [poker] sites, summer is not the most lucrative time of the year. People go out and do things. But this summer is probably a little bit different. People are going to be home.”

This is one reason why the poker professional believes this might be the right time to consider the limitations imposed by the US  by the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006 and let all American citizens enjoy real money poker games online.

He also said: “The government should, even just for this period, let online poker be legal. This would let people have something to do.”

We are getting ready for what is to come

The new face of GG Poker said that he is taking adequate precautions to lower the chances of contracting a COVID-19 infection. He also explained that he and his wife Amanda Leatherman are currently in quarantine at home.

We are preparing for what we think is likely to come, which is the cancellation of lots of stuff.”

From what I’m reading, the only real way to curb the growth is a social distance, keeping people away from each other. That’s good to me. I don’t really like people that much anyway,” Negreanu said, humorously.

We’re bunkered up here in the in the house for the next — who knows how long?”

As the podcast between him and Chan continued, Negreanu talked on the skepticism on the optimistic claims made by President Trump this month. President Trump, in a board in the meeting, stated that there will be a vaccine in three months. But every specialist later said “No.”

Negreanu stated that good measures should be created for those struck by the virus.

“People that have businesses are going to take a big hit in the next six weeks, two months, or eight months. Hopefully [the government] will find a way to take care of them.

This is where government policy shines through in terms of what should matter,” Negreanu continued as he asked policymakers to make sure people will receive the necessary help in a time as difficult as the one that might come.

Negreanu asks for Online Poker Renaissance

As the conversation continued, Negreanu, in the podcast, also talked on the big topic in the poker world and that is the 2020 edition of the World Series of Poker.

He said that: “If there’s no real vaccine, we’re not doing extreme social distancing in the next six weeks to two months, and the heat doesn’t slow [the virus] down, you just wonder what scenario the World Series could actually happen.”

Despite not having real information yet, Negreanu admitted that he imagines most poker sites might be looking at drifting to run special online events.

Online poker events should be the new way to get gamblers busy despite the pandemic that’s raging all over the world.

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