Short Deck Hold'em

Phil Ivey’s short-deck success with the Triton Super High Roller Series has sparked interest among some poker players.

Short Deck Hold’em or Short Deck Poker is not a new game and has been a popular variant of high stakes games in Macau for several years now. Even so, the online poker community only caught whiff of it after Phil Ivey’s win at a short deck event last week and Jason Koon’s $3.5 million at a Super High Roller in short deck format.

Short Deck Hold’em is played like normal No-Limit Hold’em, except that all cards from two to five are removed from the deck. This has the effect of generating more action, and the rankings change a bit.

Short Deck Poker is a very interesting format where action is guaranteed. The format is not so well known yet meaning you will find a lot of bad players at Short Deck tables. Familiarize yourself with the strategy and you will have a distinct advantage over your opponents.

Anyone who is interested to play short deck holdem or also called six plus holdem, can play it online exclusively with our partners from the GG Poker Network or also PartyPoker/Bwin are a good choice for short deck fans.

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FAQ Short Deck Holdem

What is Short Deck Holdem?

Short Deck Holdem or 6+ Holdem is in general the same as the normal Texas Holdem. The only difference is that it is played with a shorter card deck because all cards from 2-5 are removed. Because of this the game has much more action as the normal texas holdem.

Is Short Deck Holdem profitable?

Definitely yes! The variant is relatively new and it exists not a lot of content, what means that the player have a lot of leaks in their game and dont know how to play it. Short Deck Poker also attracts a large number of bad players.

Does YPD offer nice rakeback deals for Short Deck Holdem?

Of course, we offer our players like always the highest possible rakeback deals on the market to boost your winnings.

Does every poker site offer Short Deck Holdem?

Almost every site included short deck holdem as variant. Unfortunately at many sites there is no traffic at all and thats why we listed in this article, only the sites which are suitable and where you find some action at the tables.

Short Deck Hold’em/Six PlusHold’em (Winning Poker Network)

Short Deck Hold’em/Six PlusHold’em (iPoker Netzwerk)

Final table. HK$1 Million Short Deck Ante Only. Triton Poker Super High Roller

Tom Dwan explains Short Deck Holdem

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