Poker Staking in the Online Poker Business

The topic staking in online poker is clearly very interesting and can be very profitable for both parties. Unfortunately a lot of players do not really understand, what it means to stake another player, what it means and when it is profitable to stake another player. It is not just giving someone money and hope that he wins, it should a plan behind and different goals.

Doug Polk just published a very interesting video about this topic. So if you are interested to stake some players in future with the goal to make some money, we recommend you to use 20min of your time and watch this video.

Scam is a serious topic when it comes to staking

Of course you have to decide by yourself if you give to someone money and if this is profitable for you. Important is that you are aware about it that a poker staking is based on trust. Even if you have the datas of the person you stake and made a contract/agreement, there is not much to someone decide to brake this agreement or for example to scam you and run away with some money. Everybody know it and this not really a secret.

Neither the poker room nor we can do something if something like this happen. But a small protection we can give you, if you bring for example a player to YourPokerDream who agreed a staking deal with you. If you inform us about this in the beginning, we will make not to this player and if he scam you for example and do not pay you as agreed we have the possibility to hold some of his bonuses/rakeback what he receive any pay it to you. In such case we need of course a proof like screenshots from skype for example, that we can see that you had a clear agreement and that the player do fulfills his part.

At least something we can do. But we highly recommend that you choose the players very carefully to make your staking business so profitable and safe as possible.

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