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every month we receive different messages with questions regarding the payouts of our exclusive promotions and rakeback deals. To make this clear for everybody, we have listed here all our poker partner sites including payout methods and dates.

But before we do that, we’d like to point out that you can find all your bonuses from our promotions or VIP Rakeback Deals inside your YPD account. Once you have logged in, click on overview and there you will find a list of all bonuses. All data will be saved for a period of 6 months before we delete it from your history.

Between 01-03th of every month, all bonuses will be added to your YPD account. The status is then “Pending”, as soon as the payment has been made, the status changes to “Paid”.

If you see “Error” as status then something went wrong and you should be in touch with us by email under

Payout Dates Poker Sites

PartyPoker: Between 15-23h directly to your player account

Bwin: Between 15-23th by  Bitcoin, ETH, USDT. Or P2P to some poker sites(ask us)

GGPoker: Between 05-15th directly to your player account * Players from Romania by BTC,ETH or P2P to a wpn skin*

Natural8: Between 05-10th directly to your player account

Betsafe/Betsson/Nordicbet:Rake Chase between 05-15th to your player account.

PokerKing: Between 20-25th directly to your player account

Unibet: 15-25th by  Bitcoin, ETH, USDT. Or P2P to some poker sites(ask us)

ShenPoker: 02-10th directly to the player account

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