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we have to update you again regarding the situation at GGPoker. As you already know the change from Breakout to GGPoker is a complete disaster and a few players still have no access to their accounts and cant play. We understand it is for many of you very frustrating and for us as well. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do at the moment. All what is possible we always did!

Also we have still no access to all datas, we do not know if all players are still tracked under us and we also can not see how much rake/fees our players generate, what means we can not update the leaderboards and all YPD points.

To make the life more easy for everybody, will make a cut on the 27th January for all BreakoutPoker players. The reason is because we can see all datas of our players at BreakoutPoker until the 27th of January. That means our BreakoutPoker Rake Chase we had in January wil end at this date and BreakoutPoker will process the payments. The same as for our 25k Main Rake Race!

We are aware that some of you was playing between the 28-31th January and earned some points. Unfortunately we can not count this points for the leaderboard, because we do not see any datas as already explained. Maybe we see all datas tomorrow, maybe in a few days or not at all.

As soon as we have access to all to all datas at GGPoker we will add everybody of you a 10% cashback bonus for this missing points in february. Example: If someone of you raked lets say 200$ from 27-31th January at GGPoker we will add you a 20$ cash bonus. This is all we can do in this situation.

Even if this is not our fault we would like to apologize for this situation and want to say thank you for your patience and understanding. And also a big thank you to all the Breakout Poker Team, because they still do their best to help and agreed also to handle the bonus payments for january.

To avoid any future problems, we highly recommend every player to move to our partner BestPoker or Natural8, because there works all as it must me, so as you know it from BreakoutPoker. Both are also a part of the GG Network(Same players, same software,same rakeback). 

If you have any further questions, we are always here to help.

Best regards


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